Sunday, January 25, 2009


Had a few days up in the big city last week. Only had one night out. I started at the springs. By the time I arrived around 1am the action had pretty much disappeared. One guy opened his fly for me. He was hot, had a fat dick which stayed hard the whole time I was sucking him. He was sniffing amyl most of the time I was working on him. But he didn't want to fuck my arse and didn't really seem to get into fucking my throat. He eventually wandered off, not sure what he was looking for.

I headed up to the club, not expecting to find much action there. I followed a bear into a room with a barber's chair. He smelt raunchy. He said around twenty guys had pissed on him earlier at a bar. I was in pig heaven. Licked his pits, chewed and licked his tits, licked his crotch in between deep throating him.

He had an extra long dick, uncut and tasty. He put me on my back in the barber's chair, slid it in and went at it. On a regular stroke he made me groan, but when he banged in that extra half inch it really hurt, in a good kind of way. And he liked hurting me. Backhanders on the face, teeth and nails on my tits, then more banging my arse.

He stayed hard for half an hour of this. With all the deep dicking the juices were flowing both in my throat and in my arse. Both were getting real slimy, as they do with a lot of rough action. One thing really threw me: he stood between my legs with his arse against my cock, lifted himself up and bent forward, pushed his dick down between his legs and slid it into my arse. Then he fucked me. So I am looking at his back as he drills me back to front. I thought I'd tried everything but this was something else. He hit spots that had never felt a dick before. I was making so much noise he pushed his palm across my face to gag me.

Then he called for a change. Got into the barber's chair himself, lay back and made me do some work. Pushed out his rosebud and made me eat his arse. Made me chew his tits real hard and licked him all over, still tasting of piss and sweat. I still wanted more dick. I squatted on top of him, slid down onto his dick and bounced there for 10 minutes until my knees gave out. I still needed more so I stood between his legs with my back to him and sat on his dick. In this position the sensation was intense because of the angle but as I was standing up I was able to keep moving up and down on him without my knees giving out. His long dick was hitting a spot deep inside me and I could feel the spunk rising. I pounded myself on his dick and then blew all over the wall I was facing.

I licked the arse juice off his dick, gave him one last tongue bath, gave him my phone number and left.

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