Sunday, February 1, 2009

This town is too small

It was a warm night so I headed down to the park last night looking for dick. I should have known better.

When I got there there was one guy bent over against the rail taking it up the arse, raw. The guy who was topping him was a bit old and chunky but had a nice dick. I had a taste, was even tempted to give let him up my arse. But as I sucked him I found a lump on top of his dick which felt like a big wart. Sorry bud, I've had warts burnt out of my arse once already, don't want to go through that again.

I waited for a while. The next guy to turn up looked promising, for a minute. Skinny dark guy. We groped and made out. But he didn't want to take charge. Small soft dick. This guy wanted to bottom. I was thinking I might oblige until prof turned up. He's a regular. He has a big dick and he was all horned up. I blew him for a while, then turned round and backed onto him. He banged me for a while. Problem is, I know he's really a bottom, and he's only hard cos he's taken a little blue pill, and it's not quite the same as getting a fuck from someone who really wants to get off in your arse.

He lost interest after a while and wandered off. Everything stopped for a few minutes as a group of drunk straight kids wandered through making lots of noise. The skinny dark guy reappeared. I think I've seen him there before. He liked being held while I banged him groin to groin.

Another familiar face showed up. It was the red head who I've got off with both at the park and at the beach and at the tubs. On line he says he's versatile but he doesn't get hard except when he gets raw dick up his arse. I've always ended up fucking him and giving him a load. He's hot, nearly six foot tall, real skinny body. He's gotta be poz–something about the muscle tone in his arse too–but hasn't said so explicitly. But he always wants a load.

That's what he was after in the park. He dropped his pants and backed onto me. Took a hit of poppers. I slid in and out of him for a while. Felt real nice - for a change he hadn't filled his arse with lube and there was a bit of friction.

He moved onto the dark guy. His dick was smaller and softer than mine but red head wanted variety. I asked if he already had a load in him. No, he said. He took off his shirt as well, he was bent over completely naked.

He came off the dark guy, slid back onto my dick and started riding me hard and fast. Owww. I couldn't take too much of this, especially when he started squeezing his arse muscles. I blew inside him real quick. Bit of a bummer, I would have liked to bang his arse properly. I pulled up my shorts, headed down the track and left them to it.

At least I got off, I suppose, but it would be good for a change to get my arse fucked by a big-dicked real top.

Course that does happen from time to time. As a matter of fact I was in the park the previous night. My old mate Dave was there. Tried to back onto him but he wasn't hard enough to get in. There was a youner guy next to him with a fat dick, extra long and real thick at the base. I sucked him for a while but he wouldn't fuck me.

He called a break and headed over the other side of the bridge. I followed him, knelt down and got into his pants. He hardened up as I worked on his cock. I slobbered over his dick, rubbed it over my face then deep throated him. No easy feat: when I got him most of the way down it triggered my gag reflex and I started to throw up. I backed off, then started again.

He had a great body: a wide chest, narrow waist, smooth skin, lean bod, a treasure trail, small hard nipples. And sensitive to being touched, in a good way. He shivered when I rubbed my hands over the cleft in his groin, and then over his chest and his belly. I worked on the head of his dick and then deep throated him again.

Eventually he chucked his cigarette, pulled out a condom and told me to turn round. I had lubed up with gun oil before I went to the park but it was hard work getting him inside me. He was big and I was tight. Plus latex is nasty staff, doesn't go well with arse membranes. It reminded me why I want it raw. I eventually got him all the way in and pushed back on him. It was a good feeling, especially as he wrapped his arms right round and held me tight.

He wasn't a slam fucker. He preferred to hold me tight, push right up into me hard, but not pull back and bang me. I took a few hits of poppers and shared with him. Then it was more deep thrusting from him. It didn't last long: he pushed into me extra hard and then groaned. He stayed in me for a minute then slid out and buttoned up. He said thanks bro and wandered off.

Uh oh. Something don't smell quite right. I had hosed out before I went down to the park. But this guy was big, and he had gone deep and hard. He had stirred up my insides in a way I hadn't reckoned on. I wiped what I could, pulled my jeans back on and headed down the track, hoping I hadn't left any of it on the other guy. Yeah I know accidents happen but I hate that when that stuff happens. Kinda spoilt what had been a good fuck.

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