Sunday, February 15, 2009


This was a classic case of dick ruling brain.

The guy has been around for years. He must be in his 50s. I think he's Iraqi. In fact I suspect he's the brother of the Iraqi I used to blow in the toilets on main street years ago before they flattened them. They have the same big dark smooth dick, though the brother is a bit thinner and seems paranoid. I guess if you came from Saddam's Iraq that's not a surprise.

I've called him Khaled because that was the label on his tightey whiteys today. The ones with serious skid marks. He sticks in my memory because he was the first raw sex I had in the safe sex era. This must be nearly ten years ago. He hit on me up the top of the hill one afternoon. He wanted to fuck me raw and I wouldn't let him. He was insistent he wanted a fuck so instead he backed on to me, raw. I tried to stop him but he was real pushy. Afterwards I was convinced I was going to die.

I've seen him up there a few times since. Each time I try to stay away from him. One time a few years he persuaded me to fuck him again, raw of course. I did but my dick came out covered in soft yellow shit. I stayed away from him after that.

When he saw me up there today I took off in the other direction. About half an hour later he found me under a pine tree with my finger up my arse. He came down, undid his belt, faced me, pulled down his Khaleds and pulled out his dick. Trouble is, I'm a slut, I had already spent two hours looking for dick, and he looked like the only option. Plus he has a really fine piece of meat: dark, fat, hard, with soft skin on the outside and a downward curve. And he is a lecherous pushy fucker who knows from other times that my dick rules my brain.

He waved his dick in my face. I leant forward and sucked. He pushed it in, enjoyed me sucking it for a few minutes, then pushed it right down my throat. With the downward curve I was able to deepthroat him in spite of the size. And needless to say my dick got hard - being choked seems to be as effective as having my tits pulled.

Of course he wanted more. He pulled me to my feet and turned me round. I took my shorts right off, took a hit of poppers and backed up against his dick. I told him not to come in my arse. His muscles feel ok but since he always insists on fucking raw I've gotta assume he's poz.

He pushed all the way in and starting crooning in his Arab accent about my hot white arse. He had his arms round my waist. He had a tattoo in Arabic script inside one forearm. He pushed in and out harder and faster. It was all over in a couple of minutes he suddenly pulled out, turned and blew over the clay. I knelt down, sucked the rest of the jizz off his dick and blew my load between his legs. I sat back down against the tree and pulled my shorts back on.

The best part? He then stood side on to me and pissed all over the clay where we had both just blown our loads. He was putting on a show: he spread it around as if he was watering the garden. Sorta like he was making me his bitch, though he didn't go as far as pissing on my leg. I ignored him but I was sitting there thinking privately what it would be like to have him hose all over me. With his big dick he was a copious pisser, which always turns me on, and on the warm clay it bubbled and frothed in front of me. If I hadn't just blown my load I would have been kneeling in front of him taking it all over my face.

So there you are. Taking this guy up my arse raw is real stupid - he's gotta be one of the riskiest fucks in this town. I'm always determined not to let him in my arse. And yet more often than not he gets in there anyway. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

PS No sign of Moby up there this afternoon. But I'm sure he'll turn up one day. Still haven't managed to hook up again with Jono. He must work strange hours because whenever he messages me wanting to hook up it's a few hours before dawn. I'll keep trying. I want his arse.

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