Saturday, February 28, 2009


I've been travelling. Had a night in the big city on the way back. Ended up at one of the clubs.

I didn't know what to make of it early on. Not a lot of guys there but most of them were too old or too heavy for me. Some like me in jeans but a lot were wearing towels. I just watched the action for the first hour and there wasn't much to watch.

Eventually things started to warm up. Early on there was a black guy who was making eyes at me. He was short with a big belly and I decided to keep moving. Later on in the evening he dropped the towel and was walking around waving a fat piece of meat in front of him. The pig in me took charge. I copped a feel then dropped to my knees and sucked him in. He grunted with pleasure as I worked his tool, leaning over my back and playing with my hole as I sucked him. After a few minutes he pulled me over to a cubicle, turned me round and rubbed his dick up my arse crack. I bent over and helped him in, telling him not to cum in me. It felt good to start with. But soon he started holding his dick with his fist as he fucked me. Dunno why - to help him stay hard? Whatever the reason it meant I was only getting an inch or two of his meat.

I eventually slid off him and went down on a latino guy standing behind him. Latino was real friendly, big smile, held me tight, put his tongue down my throat and played with my arse. We made out for a few minutes before he turned me round and rubbed his dick up my crack. I bent over as he slipped it in. Hot. He fucked me for a few minutes but other guys started pestering us. I told chico we needed to go upstairs.

Up on the platform we both stripped and got down to it. He was real tactile, hands and tongue everywhere, then spanking my arse before he pushed his dick back into me. He started slow but then lifted the pace. Eventually he was banging me doggy style while I kept hitting the poppers. He said he was going to come. Fuck. He said earlier he was neg but in this place it was stupid to trust anyone. I told him to keep going. he banged me even harder. A minute later he grabbed me by the pelvis, pulled my arse toward him and called out as he spasmed inside me.

After a minute I slid off him, turned and went down on him. His dick was still semi-hard and still slimy with jizz and arse juice. My arse was sore and throbbing but my dick was hard. I jacked myself for a minute as I sucked him and then blew on the squab. We lay there for half an hour catching our breath and talking. Turned out he was from somewhere in the Middle East, not south of the border (for some reason that disappointed me). We compared notes on Berlin and Zurich before I called it a night and headed off with a load up my arse.

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