Saturday, March 14, 2009


Sunny day today so I went for a run. Checked out the bog at the far end of the beach. Not much action there so I headed back up the ridge to the top of the hill.

I sat myself down in one of the clearings to enjoy the sunshine and see what turned up. First guy to wander along the trail headed straight for me. I'd had him before. Skinny guy, about my age, designer jeans and lots of jewellery. He pulled his dick out of his 'My Lucky Underwear jocks. Not that big and not that hard. But he was looking for a good time and I needed to taste dick. Took about five minutes and he gave me a load.

Course I wanted to get my arse fucked so I hung around for a while to see who else would turn up. Eventually Moby showed up. I still had hot memories of the monster dick and the raw fuck in the park. I went up to him and said I wanted another one of those fucks. I started to grope him, then lifted his shirt and started on his nipple. He looked uncomfortable, and his belly wasn't as tight as what I remembered from the guy in the park. Turned out he wasn't the same dude. Dunno what he was after - he took off. So I'll just need to go back to the park to look for the real Moby.

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