Monday, March 30, 2009


It was a warm weekend. I went out running both days. Nothing happening at the bog out at the beach on Saturday. I decided to check out the park on Saturday night instead.

It was dead when I got there. Within five minutes a guy came and joined me on the bench. We got straight into it. He was a big kisser, pulling on my nipples at the same time. Before long he dropped his jeans and had me working on his dick. It was a good mouthful. I moved from his dick to his mouth to his pits. I murmured something about wanting to taste his arse. He stood up, turned and knelt on the bench so I could push my face into his crack. Five minutes later I stopped to draw breath. He turned and put his tongue down my throat again.

I stripped right off and said I wanted him up my arse. He hauled me onto his lap, rubbered up, pulled me slowly down onto his dick and starting pumping me slowly. Took me a while to get him all the way in - he was a good size, and hard, and I had only spit for lube. I held onto the back of the bench behind him to support myself as I moved up and down on him. He pushed in deeper and harder, chewing my lip at the same time.

He wanted more. He was a big strong guy. He put his arms behind my back and hoisted me up as he stood with his dick still in me. He walked across and lowered my back onto the rail opposite. I swore at him as he bent me over the sharp edge. The rail was cutting right into my back. He carried me back to the bench and started pumping again.

Here's where it got interesting. Another guy turned up. Never really got a good look at him but he was feeling me up as the first guy fucked me. He was really into my arse. I reached behind. He had a fat, hard dick and a muscled torso. I couldn't see much but he had short fair hair and a goatee. I figured he might fuck me raw.

I slid off the first guy, stood up, pushed my arse against goatee and bent over. I slipped the rubber off the first guy and took his dick in my mouth. I took a hit of poppers as goatee rubbed his dick against my arse then slid it in raw. Yeaahh.

Goatee took several deep hits of my poppers and started pumping me as I went down on first guy. More amyl, he was fucking me hard now. I bent further over. Goatee was banging me, pelvis to pelvis.

This went on for a few minutes. Then a different pain. Goatee had several fingers in my arse, he was pushing in and out, hard. Normally I would have told him to fuck off but with the amyl I could take it rougher. He took a few more hits himself before pushing his dick back into me. A few minutes more and the combination of big dicks in my arse and in my mouth got too much. I blew my load. Goatee was still fucking me but after we were interrupted by a passer by I decided I'd had enough. I had been there no more than half an hour.

As the amyl wore off I realised how sore I was from goatee punching my arse. Still sore today but I'll be back in action in a day or two. I'll look out for goatee next time. There was a mean streak in him that was a real turn-on. The idea of getting slapped around while I get skull-fucked or arse-fucked makes me real horny and from those few minutes at the weekend I suspect goatee would be up for it.

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