Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jono's first fuck

That's what he said, anyway. And I kinda believe him: he was so hungry for everything. Kissing, biting, sucking, arse-licking – he seemed a bit like a puppy dog being let loose on the world.

He and another guy arrived around the same time. Jono came across to me straightaway and started kissing. Nice. I love the taste of a man who is full of booze. Plus he was hungry for it, tongue down my throat, licking and biting and lip-locking. He took his shirt off straightaway, and then within a minute we were both naked. The other guy made up the threesome. He was tall, leaner than Jono, dark, wearing a hoodie, with a cock that was a bit above average size but real hard and with a big mushroom head.

Jono didn't get hard. He wanted dick - mine or the other guy's. I wasn't getting hard either: I had gone to the park to get my arse fucked, not to play top. But Johnno was hot. We stood there holding tight, grinding groin against groin, feeling each other all over. While he sucked hoodie I squatted down and put my tongue up Johnno's arse. He was raunchy. He loved having his arse eaten. And yes he took it when I kissed him again, deeply, after rimming him. My goatee must have been real tasty.

Jono said he wanted to get fucked. Hoodie wasn't into that. I said I would fuck him but we would have to do it my way. I got him to bend over and suck hoodie's cock while I squatted down him, ate his arse for a while and then put several fingers inside him. His arse easily took the fingers as I moved around inside him probing and massaging. Some way inside I could feel the end of a big turd, though it was solid and firm. I told him I would fuck him raw, and that because of the turd in there it would be a shit fuck.

He was up for it. But I still couldn't get properly hard. I said we would take a pause and start again. I slapped his hand away every time he tried to touch my dick and got him to work my nipples instead, using his teeth. My dick started to stand up. I got him to bend over and get back to sucking hoodie while I slid my dick up his arse, raw. It felt great, though he still hadn't learnt to keep his arse steady and at the right height. I fucked him fast and then slow, then banged him for a while, with him sucking hoodie all the while. He got me to pull hard on the piercing in his nipple.

We eventually took a pause. I got him to suck my dick, shit taste and all. Then I slowed him down a bit. We got talking. He is around six foot, a farmer's son from up country. He said he had had sex with one other guy, a friend, also in the park. They just jerked each other off. He really wanted to get fucked. He was frustrated that the others around either were bottoms or weren't getting hard enough to fuck him.

We talked a bit about his kinks. I suggested we go a little further up the valley where we would have some privacy and I could hurt him. He agreed but disappeared before I could find my shirt in the dark and follow him up the track.

Postscript: Got a message from him today. Said he was sorry for taking off but seemed keen to get together again to have his arse worked over. We'll see if it happens.

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