Saturday, February 14, 2009


Saturday night was mild and still. I decided to check out the park.

I started with the dude on the park bench on the other side of the bridge. Funny kind of guy: he never spoke, just gave a strange laugh when I said things to him. Maybe he was deaf or mute.

He was surely well equipped. He had a long hard dick and he was happy for me to go down on him. Which I did. I slobbered over him, tried to deep throat him, tried to get my tongue under his balls to get a taste of his arse. Somehow it all ended up a bit one-sided. He just sat there while I chewed his dick. He was enjoying it but he wouldn't drop his pants so I could eat his arse, he wasn't so into it that he would skull fuck me.

Relief turned up. I looked around to find another dude at the other end of the bench. There was another slut that already had the dude's dick out chewing on it. I took a look. The dude was hot, big guy, good body, in charge. And a piece of meat that was really something special. The slut was all over it. I grabbed a feel. About the same length as the dude I had been blowing, but much thicker and real hard. Santa had arrived late but he had sure delivered.

Let's call him Moby. The little slut knelt there slobbering all over Moby's tool. Before long he did the natural thing, turned round, dropped his shorts and sat down on it. Raw. He whimpered as it went in. I'm sure he was pretending: that arse would take two fists and still have room for a foot. But he liked it. He bounced up and down on it. I gave away the dude and concentrated on Moby instead. Chewed his nipples, stuck my tongue down his throat, shared my amyl, moved my hand all over his torso while slut, with his back to us, moved up and down moaning like a bitch.

This went on for some time. Slut eventually climbed off. Not sure why. Who cares. I dived in. Put Moby's dick straight into my mouth. So that's what slut's arse tastes like. No taste of shit, but a sort of metallic tang to it. I blew him for a couple of minutes. But it was clear where this was heading.

I stood between Moby's legs, back to him, dropped my jeans and pressed the head of his dick against my pucker. Took a while to get in. I had put a finger of vaseline in there before I set out but this boy was hung. I got all the head in, then climbed off and restarted. Eventually I got him in all the way. Faaarck. Raw meat. Big hard fat raw meat. In the park. After midnight.

Moby grabbed my tits and pulled me down onto him. I leaned around and put my tongue down his throat. Then we got into it. I started slow, sitting all the way down then lifting up to the point where his head was just starting to slip out. He dick stayed big and hard, so every time I sat all the way down on him there was that ache around the prostate. And then the hungry empty feeling as you pull almost all the way off.

My arse was demanding more. I shifted from slow sliding up and down to bouncing on him hard and fast while I took hit after hit of the amyl. My dick was standing up straight. in another couple of minutes I blew my load. I slowly climbed off him, my knees weak and wobbly, and sat back on the bench alongside him.

Slut moved in. This time it was for real. He sucked Moby's dick to get a taste of my arse juices. Then he pulled his shorts all the way off and climbed on, this time facing Moby. To give him his due he may have had a few wrinkles but he sure had good knees. And Moby liked what he was getting. They made out while slut wrapped his arms round Moby's neck and bounced his arse up and down on his dick. This went on for maybe 10 minutes until they both starting moaning and jerking. Slut got Moby's load.

As slut put himself back together Moby pulled up his jeans and headed off down the bottom track. I followed slowly on the top track, expecting I might see where he went. He moved fast, maybe not wanting to be followed or spotted. He had disappeared before I got to the road, though I thought I saw him outside the city housing block. Hmmm. A lot of guys there are on welfare, some maybe cos they've got the virus. Anyhow, I went home with my arse happy.

The following day I was up the top of the hill in the sunshine. There was a hot looking dude there reading. Later our paths crossed further down the hill. Looking back I saw his face from a different angle and realised it was Moby. I'd never seen him before. He looked different in daylight, not much hair, but still hot. He showed no sign of interest in me: maybe I looked older in daylight, maybe he's not into repeat fucks. But I'll keep an eye out for him. I want to feel that dick in my arse again.

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