Monday, January 12, 2009

Load me up

Sun came out about lunchtime so I headed out for a run. There was nothing much happening up the hill so I headed out to the beach. I loitered against the wall for about half an hour watching the aircraft until a guy walking past gave me the eye.

I followed him in. He was taller than me - around six feet - and good looking. He groped himself to show what he wanted. I signalled I was happy to help him out.

One cubicle was already occupied but we took the other. He opened his shorts and pulled out a fat piece of meat. I sat on the seat and took him in my mouth. His dick was uncut, moist and tasted of piss. He hardened fast. So did I with a hard dick in my mouth and his fingers working my tits. I gave him serious suction. The skinny brotha in the next cubicle put his head over the partition to watch the show.

Tall dude got me to drop my shorts and started groping between my legs, working my dick and my arse while he was sucking my face. I stood up to make it easier for him. He pushed a finger into my arse. I put a handful of saliva down there to moisten things up and then bent down to suck him again.

He dropped his shorts to his ankles and started working my arse harder with his finger. He got me to turn around, squatted and pushed his tongue into my crack. I bent over, supporting myself against the cistern.

Open that hole, he said. I knew this wasn't going to be easy - this was one serious piece of meat he was smacking against my arse. I pushed to open my hole up for him. I gobbed into my fist and wrapped it around his dick to make it slimy. He slipped the head in, then slowly pushed the rest. His dick was long as well as thick. I bent my knees further, arched my back and dropped my hips to get the height right as he started moving in and out. Then he was going in balls deep with every thrust.

From the sounds he was making I thought he was close to cumming but he kept banging me hard. After another minute he started to slow down and it was clear he had put a load into me. He slipped out and showed me his cummy dick. I took a lick then jerked myself, coming into the can after half a dozen strokes. We both straightened up. He smirked at me. Two pigs into toilet sex.

We cleaned up, kissed (mmm the taste of arse juice after a raw fuck ...) smiled and walked out. There was another guy hanging around in front of the cubicle door as we left, no doubt wishing he could have been part of the game.

I ran all the way home. With a lot on my mind: this was the first time in several years I have taken a load up my arse. In fact the last time was in the same place. I didn't ask the guy whether he was poz and he didn't ask whether he could come in me. Hard to know what he was assuming though he looked real relaxed about the whole thing. So I guess we'll see what happens.

When I got home I shat out a large load of cum. Hot.

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