Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had heard stories about Thai and Vietnamese guys being into older white guys but hadn't really tested it until Saturday night. The first guy grabbed me pretty much straightaway. He was 20ish, small, lean and muscled. He wanted to fuck me. His dick was strictly average but he made up for it in energy. He banged me hard and long before blowing into the condom. The second guy wanted to get fucked by a white guy. Sure thing. I took a breather before going roaming again. This time I ended up in a threesome: a young Thai guy and a 30something Scot. After the Thai boy tried to fuck him Scottie hardened up enough to get into my arse. He had a big piece of meat and banged me as if his life depended on it. He must have hit the right spot - cum starting pulsing out of me even though I hadn't had an orgasm. 
Same story on Sunday. First one was a skinny Vietnamese boy with tattoos who got inside me and then rabbit-fucked me. He said he only topped. But ... he sure liked it when I rimmed him. Kept coming back for more. Eventually he asked me in a low voice if I wanted to fuck him. Ok yeah sure. I fucked him doggy style. Muscly little arse, tight hole, yum. I pushed him down lower. There's something special about it – with a lean guy it lets you go in real deep, and having him crouched right down tightens up his hole something amazing. The next one was another skinny kid. He was completely focused on getting my load down his throat. The blowjob wasn't doing much for me so I told him to sit on my dick. He slid down onto me without asking for a condom. He was small and tight. Felt great, but after a while he started whimpering and then called a halt.
I was ready to call it a night – I had played with some sexy guys but somehow it was all a bit too tame. I figured I wasn't going to find it there.
I was wrong. I was wandering around, not really looking any more, when a guy started groping my arse and talking to me. I pushed him off at first – he sounded like another twink looking for vanilla. I'm not sure why I eventually caved but we ended up in a room. He was different. Like the others he was really small – 5'6", 120lb max. But he had a big man-sized dick that was standing tall. The face was different too: big nose, big ears, receding chin, bright eyes ... Imagine a not-pretty but horny skinny jewish boy with a blend of IndoChina. His name was Ken. Ethnically he was Vietnamese-French, he said. 
He said he came after me because my big butt looked so good in the shorts I was wearing. OK guys, this is the first and last time you get anything here on clothes: I was wearing some blue polyester N2N sprinter shorts, without underpants or a jock to hold my junk, so yeah I was looking pretty slutty I guess.   
Ken was pretty good in the slut department himself. We kissed, I rimmed him, he went nuts on my poppers and then wanted to sit on my dick. He didn't hesitate, just slid down onto it raw. Bingo, I finally felt I had found the dirty boy I had been looking for all weekend, though as he slid up and down on me I was also thinking I really wanted to find someone to top me. 
I was misjudging the guy. He was just as keen to get into my arse. I stopped him and had the little barebacking/HIV chat. Maybe I was a bit paranoid after the other guys all used a rubber. He said he was neg. In he went. The sequence blurs a bit after that. We carried on for a couple of hours. He put one load in my arse and then sucked it out of me before crawling back up my body to make out, tasting of arse juice and cum. I told him I sometimes took a fist. He was really turned on by that idea, said he wanted to see my rosebud. He squatted at my feet, completely absorbed as he pushed a few fingers and then his whole hand slowly into my arse. He had me so relaxed that I wasn't even sure he was in there until he told me. I was in heaven as he moved his fist around inside me until something triggered and all of a sudden I was cumming everywhere, laughing and smiling with the sheer joy of it.
I'm usually a goner after I've come but after lying there a while chatting, kissing and stroking I didn't try to stop him when he wanted to fuck me again. This time it was a slower fuck, all the more intense because my arse lips were so sensitive. He eventually dropped another load inside me. At the end of the night we shared a shower. His final stunt was to piss against the shower wall as I stood behind him with arms round his chest. 
I'm still smiling at the memory. Partly it was his body. I'm used to guys with chunky thighs. Ken was different: with no fat on him, plus his big dick, there was a whole landscape to taste and explore between his scrotum and his arsehole, the first guy I've encountered like that since a Japanese boyfriend years ago. Plus he was so completely slutty, game for anything. And sure, the fact that he was into me – including my big arse in the slutty shorts – was a real turn-on, no doubt about it. We're going to keep in touch, see if we can rendezvous somewhere in Europe some time and carry on where we left off.



Duo said...

Wow, fucking HOT!!! Great post!! -Dan

Mikey said...

Glad you liked it bud. Ken was certainly a nasty little fucker.