Thursday, June 16, 2011


I got a text from my Samoan fuckbud. "My balls are the size of melons. I want to rape your arse". I said I would go to his place during my lunch break.
Usual story. He was in bed, on his back. Wanted me to warm him up. I nuzzled his pits, licked up some of that man smell. Made me hard. I tried to fuck him but he wouldn't let me in his hole. 
I went back to licking his pits, pulling on his nipples, then lifted his legs and rimmed him. He wanted me to sit on his dick. Eventually he was in me though he wasn't particularly hard. 
As he started sliding his dick in and out he hardened up. He pulled out, flipped me onto my back and got on top. As he worked up some momentum he pushed my legs right back so he could go deeper. Another five minutes and he was pounding me before coming.
That's when it got interesting. So far it had been a so-so fuck. I thought he would pull out and I would leave. Nope. He left his dick in me and said he wanted to go again. His dick was already harder than it had been before when he came in me. He started to pump in and out, long, slow and juicy. The sensation was intense. I found myself lying there squirming, laughing, wrapping my legs around him, running my hands up and down his back and thighs, trying to pull him deeper into me. He continued for quarter of an hour.
Then came the point where he decided to go for it. He put all his weight on top of me and started banging it into me, pelvis hard against pelvis, before coming with a roar. He pumped me a little while longer. When he pulled out I put my mouth straight onto his dick to get a taste of all the juices.
He paused for a minute then swung round and sat on my face while digging his nails into my nipples. I sucked on his hole then on his dick then licked his taint. Lick, repeat. He pulled on my nipples, hard. I blew my load in about two minutes. 
I wandered back down the hill to the office, enjoying the sunshine, the freshly fucked feeling and the knowledge I had a couple of loads in my arse. Hey ho.

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