Saturday, August 20, 2011

I like em pint size

Yeah that's what Jamie said to me yesterday when we hooked up. He was explaining why he enjoyed fucking me haha. He had had another trick a week ago while I was away but said the guy was too big. I hadn't exactly thought of myself as pint size – I'm 5'8" and 160lb. But Jamie is a lot bigger and taller, maybe 200lb, and a lot stronger. A few times when he's fucked me he's just picked me up from the bed and carried me to the sofa or picked me up with his dick inside me to fuck me standing up. 
Yesterday he seemed particularly horned up. He said it was a week since he had last hooked up. As usual we started with me sitting on him while he rocked up into me. Then he got up on his knees, pushed my legs back and fucked me missionary style. At times it got really intense - when he's extra hard he seems to gain a bit of length which makes it painful for me but in a good way, if you know what I mean. He went for about half an hour before he put a load in me. 
I told him I wanted his fist again. He tried both hands but once he had me loosened up he switched to his left. We knew from last time that it seemed easier to get his left hand in the last inch or two. I must have been feeling relaxed: within ten minutes he had his left hand in me up to the knuckles. I could feel that I had loosened up enough to take him the rest of the way. A few final hits of amyl and he slid in all the way to the wrist.
It's hard to describe the sensation of having a fist in you. This time for some reason was quite special. Jamie has a big hand so it was still tight and the sensation was intense. It made me hungry for intimacy. He doesn't kiss but I reached out and pulled him down to me, wrapped my hands around his head, pulled his face down alongside mine, ran my hands up and down his back, held him close ...
At some point I think I twisted onto my side, and then I was up on my knees, wanting to feel him from different angles. I was breathing hard and making a lot of noise. He moved his fingers in me a bit but didn't try to fuck me with his fist. I don't think I was loose enough for that. From what Jamie told me today he was in me for about ten minutes. There came a point where the sensation was too much to take and I asked him to pull out. I was on my belly at this point. He wasn't finding it easy. Eventually I just moved forward and pulled off him. Aaahhh! Fuck that was hard. I just lay there overwhelmed for a few minutes till I got my head back together. When I recovered I was still hungry for closeness. I remember wrapping myself around him, sort of purring or whatever you call the noises you make when you just have to be skin to skin everywhere with the guy who's been doing magical things inside your guts. 
We lay there for a well just replaying the whole thing. He is completely hooked on it. He loves looking at my arse, playing with it and above all getting up inside it. I think he would do it all day if I could take it. Next time he wants to video it. I forget sometimes that this is all new to him. When I was wondering why it was so hard to get his fist out of me at the end I asked whether he had his fingers extended or in a fist. He said he had been holding them in a fist. Duh.
He texted me today to see if I was up for another round. He was all horned up again and gave me the second load he had promised but not delivered yesterday. I got to enjoy it more too – I hate the flavor of the Vaseline lotion he always uses so this time I took some silicon lube instead. After he pulled out I reached down and pushed out a handful of fresh Vaseline-free jizz to lick off my fingers. Yuummm. I wanted his fist again. We tried but couldn't get in that last inch. Still too tender from yesterday. I think that might have something to do with the fact that he made a fist inside me as I was pulling off yesterday ... 
We compromised. I pushed out some more of his jizz and used it to jack off while he sat on my face and I ate him out. It didn't take me three minutes haha.

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