Thursday, September 11, 2008

bog sex

Yep, I'm taking a week off work. It's a couple of years since I've been in this city but I have good memories from last time.

Monday afternoon I went chasing memories. I thought I would check out the bog across the road from the market where I had picked up a skinny English boy two years ago. I took him back to the hotel where we made out before I put him on his stomach and fucked him raw.

This time it didn't look promising. One old geezer in one of the cubicles. I went up top to watch and wait. Eventually a young guy arrived, went down the steps and didn't re-emerge. I went down and checked him out through the crack in the cubicle door. He was jacking himself already. He let me in when I tapped.

He was tall, scruffy, with a bit of a gut. Red-brown hair. And a fat uncut prick. I got onto my knees and got down to it. Mmmm. Nice mouthful. I went at it for a few minutes. Surfaced to stick my nose into his pits. He was seriously ripe which of course just made my dick harder. Back onto his dick.

But I sensed this wasn't going to work for him. I got him to turn round and pushed my face between his checks. I tested with my tongue. He was real raunchy. I hesitated but went back in. His hole was loose and deep. And he seemed to like the mix of goatee and tongue. He jacked himself as I tongued and fingered and nibbled at him.

After a few minutes of this there was no sign he wanted it to end. He stayed bent over with his butt cheeks spread. Hmmm. I stood up and slapped my dick on his arse. And again. He used his hands to spread his cheeks wider. I spat on my dick and on his arsehole and slid it in. I fucked him slow and fucked him harder.

Not much reaction from him. I'm not that big, and he had a big arse, so he might not have been feeling that much. That's why I usually only fuck little guys with skinny arses and tight holes.

I banged him some more. I was getting close and asked him if he wanted my load. He nodded yes. I fucked him hard for a minute and then unloaded into him. I slid around in there for another minute, pulled out, wiped the shit off my dick and left. Maybe it wasn't a great fuck for either of us but there's something special about bog sex. I guess it's the doggie in me ...

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