Sunday, September 14, 2008


No real luck at the bar on Saturday night. So after midnight I headed across to the club.

It had already started to empty out. Most of the action was in one corner of the basement where it was completely dark. I spent some time there but the bodies I was groping didn't excite me that much. And I didn't find anything too hot in the glory holes upstairs.

I eventually ended up down the other end of the basement where there's a bit of light and more space. I hung around at the edge of the group for a while. Pants were coming off. Guys were making out. A few were getting naked. There was sucking and rimming.

One guy got into my pants and started sucking me. Then another guy knelt down behind me and stuck his face in my arse. Yes please! I bent over the squab to give him better access. Rubbed my arse up and down his chin. Then pulled him to his feet and put my tongue down his throat. He kissed back with a long warm and slippery tongue.

He was lean and dark, with a hairy chest. I assumed he was Italian. I got into his pants, pulled his dick out and swallowed it. Nice dick, uncut and not too big. I took it all the way down. We made out on the squab for a while. I got up and sat on his face, rubbing my arse back and forth on his mouth and chin. We kissed again, talking dirty to each other the whole time.

I was getting real excited. I pulled off my trainers and pants, leaving just my jock. I sat slowly down on his dick and then rode it. Fast for a while then real slow, up and down. he reached up and starting moving me up and down fast again. After 10 minutes of this my knees were set to give out. We made out again for a while. I said I wanted his load in my arse and then I wanted him to suck it out of me.

All this time there was action going on around us. The black guy with the beercan dick turned up again and punkfucked a piggy bottom next to us on the squab. The bottom was groaning and cursing and begging for more. He was getting it raw and extra rough. I was desperately hungry for it myself but just had to watch and listen.

The guy I was with said he wanted to watch someone else fuck me. In the crowd around us I saw a young arab with a fat dick. I reached over, pulled him closer and took him into my mouth. I sucked him for a while then turned over, knelt and pushe my arse up against his dick. He pushed in raw and then started pumping. Nice dick, and his pelvis was banging against my arse, which turns me on. But after 15 minutes it was starting to get a bit mechancal, and he wasn't big enough to give me much sensation deeper in my arse.

I got up and asked if he wanted his arse eaten out. He didn't need to be asked twice. The guy was really lean, with a skinny arse. I got into it. Nice. But couldn't taste too much down there. He showed every sign of wanting to stay bent over. I guess he was just another bottom after all.

I got the answer when I pushed my dick into him. All of a sudden he was bucking and squirming and really getting into it. This was hot - he had a bony arse and a tight hole. Great view too - his back was arched up, his ribs showing through and the skin glistening with sweat. The harder I banged him the more he bucked and arched and responded. I found myself a slut. I asked him if he wanted my load. Hell yes. I banged him for another couple of minutes and unloaded into him. The best knee-trembler I've had in a long time.

Beercan dick had just fucked another guy at the other end of the squab. I wandered over hopefully. I wrapped my hand round his dick, had a suck at the end of it, but he pushed me off with a laugh. Too late, he said.

I dragged myself home around 5am, head sore from poppers, knees sore from squatting on dick, but hole still unfilled and unstretched. Three days left. Will let you know what I find.

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