Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Got a message on Saturday from a guy I didn't know. We exchanged emails. Long story short, he was basically a top, into some of the same stuff as me (rimming, nipple play, bareback) and was looking for a fuck. He said he was negative. We arranged to hook up at his apartment across the road from the park.

Turned out he was Samoan, late 20s. Taller than me, muscled but not toned, with a short beard. He went straight for my nipples, started soft then worked them harder. I did the same for him. After a few minutes we stripped and he pushed my head down onto his dick. He had a nice piece of hard uncut meat. We played for 10 minutes or so, with him working my tits harder and harder and pulling me down onto his dick.

After I got his dick all slimed up he told me to get on my back, knelt in front of me and slid his dick in raw. He started slow and then went hard and deep. For the next half hour he worked me over in every position: on my knees, on my side (he went in real deep), on my back on the edge of the bed (he stood on the floor and banged me hard).

He made me suck his dick clean every time he took it out to change positions, telling me to taste my arse juice. At one point he told me to lick his arse. He lay on his back and lifted his legs. His hole was clean but not soapy. I licked him, pushed my tongue in, chewed on his arse lips. Then I asked if he wanted some dick. Yep. I was real hard. I slid my dick in raw, pushed in and out slowly a few times, then got up on my feet and started banging him from above. Pelvis to pelvis. He liked it.

I took a pause after a few minutes. We went back to the tit play. I kept telling him to work my nipples harder, told him to do some damage. He started using his nails. I kept working on his, though he wanted me to flick them rather than pull them.

Eventually he started fucking me again. The tit play was getting him close to cumming. He warned me he was nearly there. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and started banging me hard before unloading in my arse. After he finished there was spooge all through his pubic hair. I licked him clean as best I could while collecting the stuff that was leaking out of my arse and sucking it off my fingers. He liked that.

He wanted to see me cum. He got back on top of me, stuck his cock (still hard) back in my mouth and started to work my nipples extra hard. I lasted a couple of minutes then blew all over my belly.

He left a big load inside me. I was leaking spooge that night.

Sounded as if he was interested in a repeat some time. Suits me. Haven't heard anything from FB since my last post so I need some other options.

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Duo said...

Very hot that he loaded you with so much cum that it leaked out all night, love that! -Dan