Saturday, February 20, 2010


I guess I should tell you about the German. A few weeks back a young guy hit me up on a cruising site. Said he was into older men. We chatted then he sent me a pic. He had lots of ink, mainly on his back, and piercings in his face. He said he wanted to get drunk and fuck.

Well that was easy enough. We agreed to meet outside a hamburger joint near the place he was staying. We didn't have a place to go so I said let's go to the park. I had brought a bottle of cheap red with me. He said he was from Cologne but had been here for a few months backpacking around the country.

When we got to the park I took him up the gully. It was unusually dark - no moon at all. But that made the glowworms all the more spectacular. We went up to the top bridge and got into the wine. I had a few mouthfuls. He got through most of the bottle in about twenty minutes. Didn't seem to affect him - he was still chatting away happily, without slurring his words at all.

With the bottle empty I stood in front of him, pulled his head towards me and kissed him. He kissed back. I reached under his t-shirt. He was lean and smooth. We made out for a while before I got down on my knees, pulled his dick out and got to work. He was a nice size, uncut with lots of foreskin. He got hard fast and stayed hard. What it is to be 26.

I asked if he wanted to fuck. Sure did. We talked about rubbers. He was relaxed about it but preferred to fuck raw with neg guys. Suits me. I backed onto him slowly, just with spit for lube. Took a few minutes for my hole to relax enough to get him all the way in. Then it was all on. He was an athletic fucker, holding me by the hips and fucking up into me, real fast and hard. He had endurance: we must have gone for about 15 minutes which seemed a long time at the pace he was going. Then I felt him tense up, he pulled me hard against him, groaned and then slumped forward.

We rested like that a few minutes. When he pulled out I squatted down to taste my arse juice and lick him clean. After a while he said he wanted to see if there were other guys looking for action. We wandered down the track to check things out around the lower bridge. He got involved in a few scenes, one with a group of half a dozen guys (he squatted down and sucked off one guy before fucking an older guy who looked like the one with the beercan dick who's fucked me in the park a few times. Later he hooked up with a guy who looked like a young Elvis and had a nice dick. My German buddy sucked him for 15 minutes till Elvis blew his load.

All kinda fun. I haven't heard from him again. He has taken down his ID on the cruising site so I guess he's moved on to the next town.

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