Saturday, February 20, 2010

FB and dragon tattoo

Hadn't heard from FB for a while so I texted him yesterday to see if he was interested in some action. We agreed to hook up today. Same drill as normal: he's not one for chatting so we headed straight upstairs. He was hard as soon as I started nuzzling his briefs. When I pulled his dick out I found he was leaking precum too. He said he hadn't hooked up with anyone for a few weeks.

His dick is long and thick and curves upwards. I wanted to get the full length of him down my throat so I got onto the bed, head backwards, and told him to push in. I had been forgetting just how big he is: he triggered my gag reflex and I started to throw up. I pushed him off, swallowed, got my breath back and then started again a bit more carefully.

With my head underneath him I alternated between sucking his dick and licking his balls and taint. Naturally I wanted to explore further. I pulled him further forward so I could get a taste of his arse. He didn't need any persuading. He got up on the bed himself and knelt over my face to give me better access. Pig heaven. I chewed on his nuts, tongued his arse, chewed his arse lips for around 15 minutes while I jacked myself.

For a change of pace I knelt on the bed and started blowing him while he stood in front of me. I got him to work on my nipples. He took a bit of persuasion to work them hard but once he worked out that twisting my nipples made me pig out on his dick he started to get enthusiastic. Soon I had his dick covered with slobber.

Time for the real thing. I got on my back and helped him line up his dick with my hole. He put just the tip in and went back to twisting my nipples. This guy is a fast learner... Then he slid all the way in while I held my legs back. Yeehaa! He kept changing pace: one minute taking it real slow, pulling all the way out and pushing slowly back in, the next banging me hard, bone against pelvis bone, looking down at my face all the while. He had to stop a few times to stop himself cumming.

We took a pause. I lay on the bed and licked him clean. I think he had cum a little bit - I could taste a bit of spunk as well as arse juices. After 15 minutes of fucking the texture of his dick was different - firmer than when he started. We changed positions: I got on the bed doggy style and we both took a hit of poppers. He started into me standing on the floor, then got on the bed and started working my nipples again from underneath. After minutes of this he as having to stop all the time to avoid cumming. I told him to go for it. He lifted his speed and started banging me hard again. He kept going for a couple of minutes after putting his load into me. It was a big load - he said he hadn't fucked for a few weeks. There was spooge around my arse and balls as well as inside. Finger-lickin good! His flatmate was due back so I didn't stick around.

I was still looking for more action so I headed up the hill with a load in my arse. Didn't have much luck. One guy sucked me for a while but I wasn't really into it. Then I recognised the guy who came along one time when I was getting fucked by the Iraqi. He said he had let the Iraqi fuck him raw one time. We chatted for a while but he didn't seem interested in hooking up.

Half an hour later I came across him down the side of the hill getting blown by an older guy. He beckoned me over, signalling he wanted my poppers. I got down and started blowing him while the older guy went behind him and started rimming. The dude had a nice dick with a fat head on it. With the poppers and all he was getting pretty excited. He stripped his shirt off so he was naked. Nice dragon tattoo over his back. I did the same. He turned around and started sucking the older guy who had a nice dick. Dragon guy was getting pretty excited. I said he was welcome to put another load in my arse but he was already blowing. I got a mouthful from him but that was it.

I thought originally he was basically bottom - one time we had hooked up a few years ago he didn't really get hard when I was trying to blow him. But he said today he doesn't get fucked much. I think it's more that he's really into blowing guys with big hard dicks as well as getting blown himself. I'm not that big and today I wasn't getting hard. I think he also gets a kick out of group sex - he was telling me about a hot foursome he'd had up the hill a few weeks back, and he certainly got right into it that time with the Iraqi. So that might be my best chance of getting action with him in future. He's a hot package.

Meanwhile I'm sitting here with my arse leaking cum but still unable to get off ...


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Mikey said...

You'll see a few 'deleted' comments here guys. Just so you know, what I'm deleting is basically spam - Viagra shit and stuff like that. Don't be put off posting comments of your own (like how you really get off on my latest slutty episode ...)