Monday, March 1, 2010

Park fun

I checked out the park the other night after getting back from the movies. It was quiet when I arrived. Ended up in a strange scene with a couple of guys. One was an old geezer with a crutch (he said he had had a walk-on at the AC/DC gig as the Grim Reaper - he certainly had the right face for it) who had a big fat hard dick. The other was a short guy who had been drinking heavily and was in an aggressive mood. He worked my nipples extra hard and belted my arse then pushed my face down onto old geezer's dick. I got bored after a while. Drunk guy also had a big fat dick but he didn't want anyone sucking it and he wouldn't fuck me.

I wandered up the gully to check for action. I waited a while before anything happened. Ended up with a young guy in a hoodie. He'd just come from a party, he'd had a few. I think it was his first time in the park at night, he was a bit hesitant about the whole thing. But he was all horned up.

The guy wasn't the hottest thing I've ever met up there but he was friendly and enthusiastic. He was big on kissing so we made out for a while. I eventually got his pants down and got a taste of his dick. Average size but hard and uncut. We took turns blowing each other, making out in between. I asked if I could eat his arse. Didn't need to ask twice. A few minutes of that and the guy was getting real excited. I turned round and told him to rub his dick against my crack. Nice. Then sucked him some more. The drunk guy before came along and joined us.

I asked the young guy if he wanted to fuck me. Sure, but he wanted a rubber. Drunk guy handed him one. He fumbled for a few minutes trying to get it on then struggled to get it in. He eventually worked it out. He was so excited it only took a couple of minutes before he was ready to cum. I told him to blow it up my arse or on my arse. He jerked himself and then sprayed a load over my arse. He must have been saving it up - he was still squirting when I got my mouth down onto his dick for a taste. I stood up, licking my lips, turned round and got him to hold me while I jerked off. Yeehaa! Nice.

Around the same time three other guys turned up. I was starting to pull my pants up but the young guy was standing there beside me still all horned up. The first of the new guys unzipped and pulled a fat dick out. I bent over for a taste. He was average length but had a fat knob. Sort of nerdy face but nice skinny body. I dropped my pants again and started sucking. Next to us there was a tall Asian guy who looked like the guy that fucked me in the park last year, the night I took three loads. Plus there was a taller guy, lean gym body, high and tight haircut.

Soon all of them had dropped their pants and we were all were making out and sucking each other's dicks (except mine - takes me a while to get going again after I've cum). It was a hot scene. Soon enough high/tight made it clear he wanted to get his arse fucked. Asian guy - who had a nice dick - was happy to oblige. I carried on sucking skinny guy while also playing with high/tight's nipples and his muscled chest. Skinny guy got pretty excited at all of this and blew a sweet load in my mouth. A minute later Asian guy started moaning and came, followed soon after by high/tight.

In other news: Got myself bred again by FB a few days ago. I've had a few messages from the Samoan but always when I'm fast asleep. And there's a poz guy who's fucked me several times the last few months, interesting story there but it will have to wait for another day.


Duo said...

Did high/tight fuck the Asian guy bare? And don't leave us hanging with the story of the poz guy who fucked you!!

Mikey said...

Nah, the Asian guy fucked high/tight. With a rubber. He had a nice dick. High/tight was definitely wanting to have a bottom night.

As for poz guy, he's mid-40s, deaf, got a big, loves getting fisted .... and you'll have to wait for the rest.

Duo said...

Hey did you ever tell us the story of the deaf poz guy? -Dan

Mikey said...

As it happens I hooked uo with him on Saturday. He's been out of action for a few months - shattered his knee in an accident. Plus I've been traveling a lot. Anyway I will do a new post with details soon.