Sunday, March 21, 2010


Had a bit of fun Friday night. Went out for a run late afternoon and checked out the bog in the gardens. It was buzzing. First up I blew a leather guy who was sitting jacking himself in a cubicle. Nice dick, huge balls, good kisser. I sucked him for a while, then we kissed. I told him to slide his dick up my arse. He tried but then got nervous and said not here. He ended up cumming against the wall. I got a taste. Number two was a married suit, Italian looks, 40ish. He just wanted to get blown. He had a big fat uncut dick, stayed real hard the whole time. He was 100% trade: pushed my head back against the wall, fucked my throat real hard for maybe 15 minutes, taking a few pauses to take a hit of poppers. He eventually pushed his dick right down my throat and blew a load. Big turn-on, only problem is that when a guy comes down your throat like that you don't really get to taste it. He zipped up, patted my arse and left with a big smirk on his face. Hot.

A little later there was a scene with about five guys. There was a short muscle guy, mediterranean looks, face with that look that some poz guys get on meds, XXL size dick. There was a young white guy, bit of a gut, not pretty but big uncut dick, real hard. Then there was the cyclist: 30ish, in lycra, faggy looks. And a couple of other spectators. The first two guys starting getting it on, just standing in front of the urinal. Risky and extra hot because of that. The cyclist pulled his dick out too and joined in - they were jacking each other then sucking each other. I pulled the cyclist's pants down and slid a wet finger up his arse. I think he wanted to get fucked by the muscle guy but didn't get what he wanted. Eventually cyclist blew a load while muscle guy and young white guy went into a cubicle to have some private fun. Leaving me frustrated ...

I continued with my run and decided to check for earlybird action at the club. I got hit on pretty much straightaway by a guy with unusual looks. Turned out he was Portugese-Chinese. He was short and muscled. We went into a room and started making out. It soon became obvious he wanted his arse filled. He lay back on the squab and put his legs in the air. I ate him out, enjoying the feel of his muscled arse and the taste of his hole. He moaned quietly as I pushed my dick into him. He had a nice little butt and his hole was really tight. Yumm. I moved in and out of him slowly, just enjoying the sensation, making out and sucking poppers in between times.

We played for maybe two hours. We paused halfway through to share half a joint and chat. He was poz, said he was undetectable. I said I would like his load in my arse. And I wanted to put my load in him and then get him to shit it into my mouth and snowball. We fucked again for a while, taking turns to top, then smoked the other half of the joint. We snowballed most of it. Hot.

He had been fucking me for a while when he pulled out, moaned and said he was cumming. He explained later that he sometimes found it hard not to cum when he was topping. I pulled him down on top of me, wrapped my arms around him and kissed as his dick kept pulsing on my belly.

He said he wasn't really up to getting fucked after coming. We made out for a while then I started sucking his dick before lifting his legs and rimming him some more. Oh yes. This slut was still fuckable. I got him on his knees and fucked him doggy style, but real slow, teasing his hole with the end of my dick. I eventually decided I wanted to put my load in him. I pushed in deep, wrapped my arms around his chest, held him tight and shot inside him. We'll keep in touch: I'd love to get into his arse again.


Anonymous said...

damn, now you want a poz load up your ass? you really are loving it raw!

Mikey said...

Don't too carried away mate. I'm not interested in getting pozzed. I was pretty sure he was being straight with me (ie that he was undetectable) so risk was minimal. More risk from anon fucks with guys where I don't know their status.

Anonymous said...

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don't give up as well as keep penning for the simple reason that it just simply that is worth to read it,
excited to browse through alot more of your content, stunning day :)

Mikey said...

Well in that case I'll tell you what happened later that night ... Won't appeal to every taste but you are going to get the rough with the smooth.