Monday, October 26, 2009


Had some fun last night in the park but didn't get my rocks off. So late this afternoon I headed up the hill to look for some action. There was one guy with a runner's body sunning himself naked but he didn't seem interested.

I eventually settled down under a pine tree in the sunshine, dropped my pants and started playing with myself. i was lying there, pants around my ankles, dick oiled up and hard, when I heard rustling up the track. I thought fuck it and just carried on.

It was the Iraqi guy I have fucked with a few times over the years. He is older than me, has a good body and dark meaty uncut dick. He is real pushy, a determined bottom as well as top. From year ago he has always been insistent on fucking raw, so I've assumed he's extra high risk for HIV. He makes me uncomfortable and at the same time makes me extremely horny, for the same reason.

At first he played hard to get, just standing there with a kind of sneer on his face. This is payback for the number of times I have avoided him, I guess. I lay there jerking myself and told him to come and play. He made up his mind. He dropped his track pants, squatted over me, facing me, and lowered himself onto my dick. Took a bit of an effort to get in dry but was helped by the fact I had put some silicon lube on my dick earlier to jerk off. I got part way in, had to pull him towards me to get the angle right, then pulled him all the way down onto me. He sat there for a bit while I adjusted to the feeling, and then started to move inside him. He had a muscular arse and his hole was warm, tight and wonderful.

After a few minutes he pulled off and stood up. I sucked him for a bit, enjoying the mass of him and the piss taste under the foreskin. I then turned round and offered him my arse, taking a hit of poppers at the same time. He pushed in slowly and started moving inside me. As usual he was hard and I could feel the full length of him. As usual when I'm feeling specially turned on I wanted to be completely naked so I stripped off my shirt as well.

He had been fucking me for a few minutes when we heard rustling from down the track. We carried on. The guy that came into view looked familiar. He and I had played once or twice but without really getting anywhere. The guy is a bit younger than me, hot body and nice dick, but he's basically a bottom and like me struggles to get a hard-on when playing with another bottom. He was going to go past us but I said he was welcome to stick around and enjoy the show. He didn't need persuading. Khaled told him to pull out his dick and turned me round so I could suck the new guy. He obviously enjoyed threesomes, or seeing someone else getting raw dicked: he took a few hits off my amyl and hardened up fast.

New guy got verbal as well. He started telling Khaled to treat me like a slut, fuck me harder etc. He pulled his shirt up, dropped his pants to his ankles, fucked my face while urging Khaled on. Then he pulled out and started jerking himself. Khaled was pushing into me hard and deep. I was jerking myself, all the while getting off on being naked in the sunshine.

My memory of it all is now a bit blurred - too much amyl maybe - but we started chatting at one point. Turned out new guy had fucked with Khaled before as well. This was a big turn-on for me for some reason. I hadn't realised before that he was a slut like me. Something went off in my head: did you take it raw? I asked him. He said yes. That was like a trigger. I started jerking myself frantically and blew in less than a minute. New guy blew his jizz all over the ground alongside my load immediately after. Khaled pulled out but hadn't come. He pushed his dick into my mouth, arse flavoured and all, and started fucking my face. He came fast. I swallowed his load then licked the last few drips off the head of his dick. As I slowly put my gear back on Khaled squatted nearby to wipe his arse with some grass - maybe he thought I had cum up there or something. It was a hot sight: he's not young but he has the sort of butt that comes from a lot of physical work, plus dark shiny skin that shows it off.

There you have it. The thing that worries me: I was all set to let him blow inside me, kinda hoping he would in fact. Just part of the pattern of getting all horned up and taking more and more crazy risks. Whaddya reckon, folks?

PS Got regular test results back last week. All neg.


Anonymous said...

Such a hot post! I think you should have let yourself go and taken Khaled's cum!

Mikey said...

I would have, bud, but he pulled out after I blew my load. yeah it was hot alright.