Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last Sunday I couldn't get any nibbles on the dating sites (usual story) so headed out for a run. Didn't find anything out at the beach so I headed up the hill instead. Hardly anyone there - it was late in the day. I hung around anyway.

I was getting ready to head home when the Iraqi turned up. For once I didn't play hard to get. He took me to a spot down from the track where it was a bit more private. He dropped his trackpants and I sucked him. He wanted to get fucked so he turned round and backed onto me. He has a good muscly arse and a tight hole. I went in raw, no lube. Fucked him slow for a while then banged him while he bent forward and held onto a tree. Then I went slow again, just enjoying the feeling of skin on skin and the sight of his ring closing around the veins in my dick as I slid slowly in and out.

After a while he pulled off. It was my turn. I took my running shorts off, took a hit of poppers, bent right over and braced as he pushed into me. He was also in a mood to take it slow. He has a nice dick. It felt good. I don't know how long he fucked me but eventually I felt his dick harden and swell, he started moaning and holding me real tight, then he pushed into me hard. He said he had come inside me.

I didn't hang around. He was cleaning himself with some grass. I headed back up the track and home.


Duo said...

Wow, man -- you took his cum! You've said before he's most likely poz. How do you feel? Did you keep it inside all night? -Dan

Mikey said...

Left me feeling a bit flat, to tell you the truth. I kept his load inside me but it didn't leave me feeling all horned up. Once I've blown my wad my head takes over from my dick again and the whole thing about taking risky loads feels kinda stupid. Now I know that's not what you want to hear, and in a few days time my dick will take charge again, but that's how it is immediately after.

Cum Craver said...

Hot post man. Love that I'm the first one of your blog lists. Keep up the great work.

Duo said...

Hey Mikey, email me if you want,