Friday, May 22, 2009


I checked in at Becks around 3.30. They gave me a corner room up on the second level. As I walked round the landing I passed an open door with a couple of guys inside who were keeping an eye on the passers by.

I dumped my bags inside then came back out onto the landing, pretending to check my phone for messages. One of the guys was standing in the door pulling on his crotch. I watched him for half a minute then wandered along. When I got inside the door they both had their dicks out. I took a suck on one of them and then said that if he wanted to get inside my arse I'd better go and hose out first. Yep, that's what he wanted.

I came back in 10 minutes. I started on the younger guy. He had a fat cut dick with a downward curve. Even with me down on my knees (ie the wrong angle) I was able to get it down my throat. I sucked him for a few minutes before he dropped his pants and lay back on the bed. I sucked him some more then got under his balls. He lifted his legs and I went further down, started on his arsehole. He tasted of baby powder. I was all horned up and thought I might stick my dick into him. He obviously liked to take it up the arse. I pushed a little way in. But I quickly realised he hadn't cleaned out. And besides I wanted to get my arse fucked.

I turned my attention to the other guy. He was older, had latino looks, nice dick, real hard. I backed onto him slowly. He pushed me forward so I was sucking on the young guy's dick and balls again. Meanwhile latino started to throw a fuck into me. He didn't waste time: he had a kind of jackrabbit fucking style, fast and rough. With his fat dick and no rubber it felt real nice.

It didn't take him long. He pulled out and said he was going to come. I got onto my knees fast and got him to give me his load. I got most of it in my mouth, some on my face. The younger guy came at the same time.

We all had a good laugh. I pulled my pants back on and wandered back to my room. Welcome to San Francisco.

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