Saturday, May 23, 2009


I didn't head down to Folsom St until well after midnight. Ran most of the way to work up a bit of a sweat.

Oscar said he was portugese american though he talked more like an irishman. He was shaved all over, liked to kiss but didn't really get hard. He mostly just lay there. I got bored and went soft, left him to it.

Roy was from nicaragua. He was short - maybe 5'6" - but hot, with a Che beard, treasure trail, tight little butt under his tighty whiteys. We kept running into each other. First he would just talk. Next time he let me cop a feel. Later he dropped his pants and we made out, with Oscar joining us for a bit. Roy liked having me bite the back of his neck. He had a long thin dick. When I got down and sucked him he grabbed my head and turned it sideways, I guess so he could push his dick further down my throat. But I couldn't get him to fuck me. And he wouldn't let me eat his arse.

I did get to eat arse with a black guy, maybe around 40. We made out for a while. I sucked his dick but he wasn't getting very hard. I turned him round and bent him over the chair in the cubicle. Some guys are specially edible. He was one of them. His arse was tasty without being raunchy. Pink hole, a bit of hair. Plus he really got off on it. It made me hard. I said I would give him a taste of my dick. Now this was a bit strange: he was physically bigger than me, and was certainly much better hung. But I was all horned up from eating him out, and his arse was tight and muscular, with no lube to kill the sensation. I alternated screwing him slowly and banging him hard. Through all of it his arse stayed tight. Felt great. I guess we were at it for about 15 minutes when he told me he was about to blow his wad. I felt his arse clench as he came. He stood up, we laughed, then chatted and made out for a while before he wandered off. I wished later I had left a load in him.

There were a few others but nothing that turned into anything special. As usual I was looking for some hard raw dick to take up my arse and didn't manage to get it. But then, another night on Folsom without taking a load up my arse is another bullet dodged I guess.

I left just before dawn and walked up Haight to the top of Buena Vista to watch the sun rise.

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