Friday, May 29, 2009

Buena Vista

When I was wandering around the top of Buena Vista at dawn I was hoping to find some action. There were a couple of 20ish guys there who had been having a good time - a boy-next-door type white guy and a hot latino with jacket open and bare torso. But that was it. I headed back down to Castro for some food and then crashed.

After some sleep I headed back up Buena Vista early in the afternoon. There was a bit more life. The first guy I got talking to was Santos from Costa Rica. He was around my age, a lot heavier than me, but real friendly. We talked for a while then walked down the side of the hill to a more private spot and started making out. He had a big smooth uncut dick. I sucked on it for a while. I told him I liked to get fucked. Santos was happy to oblige. It was a bit difficult - we were in a small clearing under some low shrubs. But I sucked on his dick to get it all wet and hard, and fingered myself to loosen up my arse. He slid it in raw with no trouble. He immediately started fucking me fast, banging me hard. In not much more than a minute he pulled out and said he was coming. I turned round and took a mouthful as he blew his wad. Pity he came so fast - he had a nice dick and I would have liked to feel him inside me for a lot longer. And I would have taken his load if he had wanted to blow in my arse.

After Santos left I went wandering again. Next was an older white guy, had the look of a drifter. He had a big piece of meat and I sucked on him for a while. I said I wanted to get fucked. While I had my back to him he slapped some lube on my arse, which I hate. Even that wasn't enough: he was struggling to stay hard. I left him to it.

On the other side of the hill I found a latino guy in running shorts wanting to get his dick sucked. He was a bit strange: I would suck him for a bit then he would get nervous with other guys wandering around. He took me further down the hill to a clearing and stuck his dick in me raw but kept pulling out. I gave up on him - too many interruptions. I tried another latino guy who had just had a joint (great smell) but was also on the booze. He had a nice dick but he was too stoned or pissed to get hard.

There was a skinny twink wandering around in cargo shorts. I didn't even try to chat him up - I figured he was looking for something similar. So I was surprised to see him making out with a guy who looked older than me and not in great shape. After a bit the twink turned round and dropped his pants so the older guy could fuck him. I wasn't close enough to get a good look but he was taking it raw as far as I could see. The twink was bent over, holding onto a branch while the older guy stuck it into him. There were several others just standing around watching. Quite a view ...

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