Sunday, April 12, 2009


Another mild night so I headed down to the park. It turned into quite a night.

The first guy to make a move on me was a bit younger than me, solid, leather jacket, military type haircut. He pulled his dick out and pushed my face down onto it. He had a nice fat piece of meat, huge foreskin. I got down on my knees as he started rough-fucking my throat. He leant over my back, started fingering my hole. I stood up and turned to let him in. He rubbed his dick up and down my crack as he reached in his pocket for a rubber. He pushed inside me but soon pulled out - too much traffic up and down the track. We headed up the gully instead.

I knelt and sucked him again till he hardened up. He wanted to get back into my arse. He gave me a hit of poppers and then pushed in, this time with no rubber. He was a good fuck: got me to wrap my arms back around his thighs as I bent over double. Every few minutes he would pull out, give me another hit of amyl and get me to suck on his dick to get him hard again.

We started to attract an audience, five or six guys standing around us watching, some of them jerking themselves. There was bright moonlight which made the scene even hornier. I took turns on my knees to suck my juices from under his foreskin and bent double as he banged my arse. It was hot, though he wasn't quite hard enough to make this pig squeal. After 20 minutes he decided he'd had enough, zipped up without coming and headed back down the gully.

I wandered over to the bridge and squatted facing a couple of guys leaning against the opposite rail. A few minutes ... then the closest one, who had been in the moonshade, moved across, stood in front of me and unzipped. He was hot: 20s, dark hair, solid pecs, a little belly, long thin dick.

He hardened up fast and I took him down, first just in my mouth then all the way. He fucked me deep in my throat until I was gagging. I came up gasping then went back down for more. We carried on like this for 10 minutes, taking hits of amyl. His dick was getting covered in that mucus you get from deep throating.

I stood up, running my hands over his pecs, asked if he wanted more of the same or wanted to push his dick up my arse. He wanted my arse. I turned and bent, grippingthe opposite rail. He dropped his jeans all the way and slid his dick into me. It was a different kind of fuck: he wasn't into pounding away at my arse. He held me tight, around the waist, across the chest, at times with his arms under my armpits and pulling me down onto him by the shoulders, all the time pressing his pelvis as hard as he could against my arse. He made the most of the leverage on the narrow bridge: supporting himself on one side while pressing me hard against the other. We paused every few minutes for more amyl.

He wanted skin on skin. He kept wrapping his arms around me and squeezing me tight, at the same time as he was rubbing his thighs against the backs of my legs. He had downy thighs which felt amazing against my legs and arse. From time to time he slipped out and I dropped down to suck his dick before he slid it back in. I wanted more freedom to spread my legs and move on him so I pulled out of one leg of my jeans to let me spread my legs more. I was basically naked. He kept his shirt on. The guys who had been watching earlier hung around to enjoy the new show. One guy came and stood real close, playing with himself as we got into it.

Eventually my stud decided he'd had enough. He pulled out, just held me from behind while we chatted quietly. Turned out he was Irish. Eventually he zipped up and wandered off.

The voyeur from before was still standing there. Fuck that was hot! he said. I got closer for a look. Younger than me, curly red-brown hair and beard. He said he was bi and only there to watch. not play. He only fucks women but he gets off on seeing guys naked or having sex. He has fantasies about going to the Folsom street fair to see guys wandering around with their dicks hanging out.

The more we talked the more excited he was getting. I was still standing there with only one foot in my jeans, my dick waving in the air. He decided to be brave: pulled his trainers off, pulled his jeans right off and started pulling at his dick. He asked if he could touch mine. The way he did so it felt as if he had never touched a guy's dick before. I asked him to bend over and show me his arse. He did: tight little white butt, but too dark to see his hole, and he didn't want to get touched.

He wanted more. He asked if I would walk down the gully track with him with no pants on! I hadn't really got hard all night (I'd jerked off before I headed out to the park ...) but kinky red-head was making me hard. I took my jeans all the way off, put my trainers back on and followed him down the track in the moonlight. He had warned me he would run for it if anyone came along. But when another guy came up the track he brazened it out. We stopped and waited. The guy came across to check out these crazies walking around with no pants and hard dicks. He hung around, decided to join in for a laugh. Red-head stood there jerking for a few minutes till he blew his wad.

So that was my night at the park. I didn't get off but it was kinda crazy and fun. Can't complain.

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