Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suck my feet

Well I told you I had a kinda crazy night on Saturday. It was fun but problem was it left me all horned up. The Irish guy messaged me a few times but I think it was just a tease - he never delivered. By Monday I was frantic for some action. I took the day off and spent most of it looking for dick. It turned into quite a day.

I started down at the waterfront. There's a bog that goes off on weekdays but I've never really checked it out. When I went in on Monday there was a guy there in a suit who was looking for action. Bit younger than me, not pretty, getting a bit of a gut. But he started groping himself, staring at me as he did so, then within a minute his fly was all tented up. We walked over to the urinal, he unzipped, gave me a look and a feel. Aahh fuck. Long, fat, uncut. We had to wait for a cubicle. Inside he unzipped again and I knelt down to suck him. He was hard and juicy. I sucked him gently then took him in all the way and slobbered up and down the length of him. After a few minutes I stood up, dropped my pants, turned round and asked if he wanted to put it up my arse. Nah, not bareback he said. That seemed to put him off. I offered him a rubber but he soon zipped up and headed out. He was still hard: he stood in front of the urinal looking back at me, big smile on his face, showing me the outline of his dick through his trousers while I jacked myself in the cubicle. But he wouldn't come back in. I followed him across the road and asked if he wanted to try the bog in the library. He sounded half tempted but didn't take me up on it.

This left me even more horned up. There was one more bog to check out, again one I don't normally go to. I took the middle cubicle. I looked under the partition. The guy in the next cubicle beckoned me in. He was just a teenager but he knew what he wanted. He had a stubby uncut dick but with a shiny dark red head on it. I sucked him for a few minutes, having to keep it quiet as guys came and went. Eventually he decided he wanted to come. He jacked himself and blew a load into my mouth. I swallowed, licked my lips, zipped up and left him to it. I headed back down to the waterfront. There was a guy out in front who seemed to be cruising. I followed him along the waterfront to another bog. He had an uncut dick with an extra tight foreskin. I sucked him while pushing a finger up his arse. I got another load out of him but I still wanted to get my arse fucked. Back to the first place. I took the free cubicle. After a few minute the guy in the next one passed me a note on toilet paper: Can I suck your feet? Whew! Not really my thing, but since I was wearing flip flops ... I had forgotten what a sensation it is to have warm lips around your toes. But he pulled off as soon as someone came in. I left him to it.

I needed to get my arse fucked. I decided to check out the sauna. This was 4pm on a weekday - it's years since I've gone to the tubs at this time of the week. Looks as if I've been missing out on something: the place was buzzing. First one to make a move was an American. Maybe in his 30s, not tall, carrying a gut, but hot: tats all over including on his gut, buzz cut and heaps of attitude. In the cubicle he dropped his towel and pushed me onto his dick. Then he bent me over and started eating my arse. It felt as if he was all set to fuck me. His dick was average but real hard and with a big mushroom head on it. Then I blew it: I said I wanted to eat his arse. He got down on all fours and I went to work. He was a bit raunchy which was fine by me. I tongued him and bit him, pulling on his tits at the same time. He got up ... I was panting for raw dick up my arse ... and he said he was going to take a break. Faarck! Nooooo!

I mooched around for half an hour. Then a guy I hadn't seen before followed me into a cubicle. Nice looks, fit, big chest. I started with his nipples. Yee haa! Hit the right button there. He had big nipples and wanted them worked hard. He did the same for me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. Yeaahh! Great kisser, big lips, strong tongue, tasted good. He pushed me onto the squab, legs in the air, and started eating me out. A few minutes of that and we swapped places. And the big test: yeah, I stretched forward for a big sloppy kiss, with my goatee tasting of his arse. He smiled and kissed back. I went back to his arse. Pushed a couple of fingers in. He was open and wet. I took my hand out, slobbered it with saliva and pushed back in. He was loving it. But he said it had been a long time since he had taken a fist, and I wasn't properly lubed. Another time maybe. I asked if he wanted a taste of my dick. Nah, not without a rubber. OK.

Somehow I had missed his pits. Not any longer. Picture this: he was lying back, arms behind his head, shoulders and muscles and dark hairy pits. I went in. Strong taste of fresh sweat. I went ape. Nothing does it for me like sweaty pits. Went from one to the other and back, stopping to make out and chew his tits. His arse was still in the air. What's that? Ah ... he was pushing his arse onto my dick. Yes. He looked me in the eyes. Fuck me hard. Sure thing. He was loose and sloppy and his arse was up in the air and I was on top banging away.

A few minutes of that then we paused to make out. Did I tell you he was a great kisser? Then he's on his feet, lifting my legs in the air and trying to push his dick in. Took some doing: I was horny for it but the guy was hung. He finally pushed all the way in. He knew what he was doing. Every dozen or so strokes he would push in that extra inch - you know, the stroke that makes you groan but also makes your toes curl in pleasure. He had one hand over my mouth to shut me up. He mixed hard and gentle for a few minutes then said something I couldn't catch. I said to him to go for it. All of a sudden he was fucking me like a madman, eyes wide, banging against my pelvis till he convulsed a few times and then pulled out and relaxed on top of me.

I caught my breath. I reached down to check. My arse was wet and creamy. I brought my finger back for a taste then reached down for more. I lubed up my dick with his jizz and started beating. To help me along he reached for a nipple and with his other hand fingered my arse. Hurt me, I said. He fucked me with one hand and with the other dug his nails into my tit. I blew in about 30 seconds.

The next morning I was sitting in front of my laptop after coming back from a run. I farted and felt my shorts filling. I hadn't realised how much of a load he had left inside me - my shorts were full of jizz. I jerked off frantically in the shower.


Duo said...

Damn, totally hot post! Loved how you went for a run with his load still up your ass! -Dan

ilium said...

Yeah. Funny thing was, at the time I didn't think he'd left much of a load in me. Guess he must have pushed it in real deep. Make sense: he had a big dick, and he was driving down into me from above when he blew. I want more ...