Sunday, June 1, 2008


When all else fails there's always the gare routiere.

A couple of Arabs standing there smoking watched as I walked round the side and down the steps. The tall one followed me down and moved in alongside me. Pulled out a nice fat piece. I went straight down on him. Cut and clean, and just wanted me to suck him gently. I pull down my shorts to see if I can interest him in my arse. The guy on the other side starts feeling me up, slides a finger in. We get a few interruptions but keep going. I want to see how far the beur will go. He follows me into the cubicle and gets real friendly. Chews on my nipples, sucks on my dick, pushes his finger up my arse, moves in for a sweet kiss. Bends down, turns me round and sticks his tongue up my arse. Nice ...

Then he's slapping some lube on my hole and ripping open a condom. He struggles to get his dick inside me (that's the trouble with condoms that make you soft). I open myself up with the old three-finger trick. It's nice having him inside me, playing with my nipples from behind, but he's not hard enough for me to feel really stretched. I pull off him, bend down, turn him round and put my tongue up his hairy arse. Finally some real musk, makes me harder than ever. I kiss him to give him some of the flavour.

He jerks me then takes me in his mouth again. He pulls off before I come. Not really what I was looking for but he's a sweet guy and he leaves happy.

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