Friday, June 6, 2008

slutting in Paris

Piss night at Le Transfert last night.

It was slowing down by the time I got there. But still time to get my hair wet and suck on a few nice pieces.

Still horny I carried on to Mic Man. It was an older crowd (my age, I guess...) I got lots of stares – there's something about fresh meat.
Ended up with Jan from Sao Paulo. Big kisser with sweaty pits and a nice dick. I got naked. He got real excited with my socks then fucked me raw.

One of the guys who looked in the door looked hot, maybe Turkish or North African. Not tall but real man's man look. Jan pulled him in. He unzipped and fed me a fat dick. I bent over and he slid in raw. He was big and hard. Slid it in and out but quite gently and quite slow - maybe he didn't want to come too fast. He pulled out after five minutes and shot on the wall – wouldn't let me suck the spunk out of him.

I went on to QG. A much hotter crowd. Alain had just arrived from Quebec. Hairy chest and arse, big kisser, real friendly. He ficked my face real hard, then we kissed, then he sucked my arse, then I sucked his. I bent over and pushed back onto his dick. He fucked me slow then hard, then real deep. I wanted more and more. Then uh-oh, something doesn't smell good. I had cleaned out earlier but obviously hadn't gone far enough.

Finished the evening dropping a load in an Arab with the arse cut out of his pants. Hot.

All a bit stupid of course. Paris is not a great place to bareback if you want to stay negative. Jan (who had recently converted) warned me strongly against it. And I'm sure Alain was poz – something about the muscle tone on his legs and arse. I tell myself it's ok if I don't let anyone cum in me but of course I'm still running risks.

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