Sunday, June 1, 2008


Had a few hours to kill on Sunday.

Decided to check out Trixx for old times sake. Naked party from 3pm but not much talent left by the time I got there at 4pm–mostly older heavier guys. I follow one guy into the sling room. Ordinary looks but lean body and uncut dick. When I suck on him it turns out he has a nice piece of meat. Next he's fingering my arse. OK buddy, you want it ... I bend over, hands against the wall, he slides it in raw. Oh yeah. Off we go. He's moving in and out, slow and easy then banging me hard. I'm nervous, tell him not to come in me. He pulls out and blows over the floor. I suck the last few spurts out of him, wishing I could have taken his load. I ask him if he's neg. Smiles and says yes but warns you have to be careful in Lausanne.

I stick around for another half an hour but the place is fading fast. I'm still looking for more. On the way back I check out the lay-by on the autoroute near Coppet. The guy hanging around by the toilets follows me under the trees. We get straight down to it. We suck each other but then he's fingering my arse. Another fat uncut dick. He slides it in raw. Two minutes and he's ready to blow. This time I get off too. Drive back to the hotel with a smile.

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