Sunday, March 23, 2008

On my knees on Easter Sunday

Blue skies and calm weather today so I biked out to the beach. Took the track down the side of the cliff. At the bottom of the track I passed another guy heading up. Eyes locked. He went a little further up and looked back. Bingo. I followed him up. He was a younger guy in red beach shorts with curly blond hair down his neck. A truck driver type with a little beer gut. He was up for it. We headed up the cliff to the old bunker. The straight couple who were inside came out wearing big smiles as we went in.

Curly dropped his pants, pulled out a big piece of meat and gave it a shake. What's a man to do? I dropped my shorts and got onto my knees. After a few minutes of that I wanted more. I turned him round and dug my tongue into his sweaty arse. Oh yes, this boy was tasty and he loved being rimmed. He bent over further, pulled his cheeks open wider and moaned and squirmed. I stood up and slid my dick into him for a few strokes, turned him round and made him suck it. Oink! Then put my tongue down his throat.

He was close. I deep throated him, he took another hit of poppers, jacked himself fast and sprayed jizz over my face and chest. We both left with big smiles.

I headed back down the track. At the bottom I locked eyes with another stranger. He was around 30, lean and dark haired. I turned and followed him back up the track to where he was waiting. He didn't know the bunker but was happy to check it out. He had the sort of body that turns me on: lean and hairy, with a nice uncut dick and shaved, low-hanging balls. He wouldn't let me suck his dick but was happy for me to suck on his balls.

I wanted more. He wasn't sure about giving me his arse but once I had my tongue up there he bent over and pushed back. He had a hairy arse with lots of flavour that made me hard and excited. The sound of children down the track was making him nervous but the situation - doing it in daylight, in a public place, with all the concrete and rubbish and graffiti - was a big turn-on for him. You could see the head of his dick, tight and shiny and pink, ready to explode. We came together. He left a big load on the concrete.

This time I made it all the way down to the beach. I spread a towel under the cliff down the far end, settled into a book and soaked up the sunshine. There were a few others scattered along the cliff, mostly with friends, but no sign of any action.

When it came it was quite a sight. He was about my height, tattooed, wearing a beanie and a black vest but carrying his pants. He was wandering along the beach, pausing at each of the groups under the cliff, sporting a hard-on standing stiff and straight out in front of him. He went to the end of the beach, turned round and walked slowly back, still carrying his pants. I caught up with him half-way back as he sat down on some grass near the trees. I offered to help him out.

We went up under the trees and took turns sucking each other. He had the sort of penis that always excites me: uncut, hard, veiny, big shiny head and loose foreskin. I had a strong urge to get him to fuck me but for once chose caution ahead of risk. He was drunk and had lesions on his skin that I didn't recognise. He came quite fast, got back into his pants and left.

So ended my Easter devotions.

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