Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Calm night last night so I headed out to the park hoping to get my arse fucked. On the track up to the bridge I passed a guy who turned and followed me back up. He was a young Chinese guy who has come onto me before. He is good to touch - lean body, smooth skin. And he wanted to touch me all over. I guess he likes hairy blonds. He ran his hands over me, but especially down my legs and inside my thighs. Another Chinese guy came and joined us for a while. He fucked me once before, a few months ago. He has a fat dick. He tried again last night but I was a bit tight, plus I wasn't that interested - he insisted on wearing a rubber.

We were getting pestered by some oldies so we headed up the other track for some privacy. The funny thing is, this guy doesn't push the usual buttons with me. He has a tiny dick (really tiny - smaller than my little finger) and he doesn't kiss and he doesn't suck cock. He doesn't want to get rimmed or anything like that. On the other hand he likes to hug and he is tactile, moving his hands all over my body.

Even so I was thinking I would call it quits and go back down the track to look for a fuck. Then he started on my nipples. Oh Lord. I don't think he has a tit fetish or anything, but once he saw how I reacted he started to get into it in a big way. He pulled and rubbed my nipples, first softly and then harder. My dick was soon standing up straight. Chinese boy started to get real keen. He used his nails on my nipples ot pull them harder. Then he started grabbing my pecs in his fist and squeezing. Faaark.

He stood behind me for a while and carried on working my tits. I had my pants down and I was banging my arse against his pelvis. His little dick was standing up straight. I told him to slide it in my arse crack while he kept working on my chest.

I stripped off my t-shirt and got down on my knees to suck his little cock. He bent down to keep pulling on my tits. My cock was ready to explode. I couldn't hold back: I blew my load.

Whew. Not quite what I had been looking for but the combination of all the touching and then having my chest worked over was hot. This morning my tits are real tender. They will be sore for a few days. Nice.

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