Sunday, December 7, 2008


Back home now for some summer. Stunning day yesterday so I headed up the hill to look for action. Seemed real quiet until I stumbled on ... Dave. He used to be a regular up there ten years ago. Great body, curly hair, sweet face, hippy/cowboy looks if you know what I mean. I used to blow him. Sometimes he used to fuck me but didn't find it easy to keep a hard on wearing a rubber.

He's showing his age and he's been getting too much sun. But he's still quite a package. He was just standing there naked, big smile on him, the color of a chestnut. We talked for a while. Then I chewed on his tits and played with his balls, which are huge, till he hardened up.

We both knew where this was heading. He decided he wanted to lie on his back. I tried to squat on his dick facing him. It was an awkward position, with him lying up the slope. I ended up turning round with my back to him as he slowly slid it in. Then he started swinging his hips up into me from below.

We carried on like this for a while. I pulled off and turned round to get a taste and harden him up, then sat back down on him. He started thrusting into me again from below. A few minutes of this then he pulls out, holding the head of his dick. I go down on him and get an instant mouthful. I take a few more mouthfuls then spit some into my hand and lather it over my dick, jerk myself for a minute and blow. Sweet.

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