Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Diamond stud

I've been travelling again. So here's me pre-dawn on a wintry Saturday wanting to get my rocks off. Not many options so I head down to the gare routiere for old times' sake.

Doesn't look promising. A skinny black guy tries to get me to go down on him. I check him out. Soft dick, real small. I don't think so. An old guy comes down the steps, walks past, smelling of booze. I leave him to it. He ends up in the far corner with the black guy. I wait it out.

After a few minutes the old guy wanders back over. Hold on, this guy is 20 something with a shaved head. And a big diamond stud in his ear. Hey let's play dude. He wants to make out. Sweet. Soft lips, tongue down my throat, that taste of smokes and liquor... Hold me closer, bud.

I dive down to see what else he's offering. Awww, man, fat uncut olive oil dick waving in my face. I'm on my knees, take him down my throat and pig out. After a few minutes I'm breathless and drooling and it's back on my feet to make out again. Then down to blow him some more.

But I'm still not really hard. This pig needs more. I drop my shorts, turn and slowly back onto him. Ohhh yes. He's most of the way in, I turn so we can lock lips while he pushes it in the rest of the way. He's a romantic fucker, at least as much as you can be when you're having a stand-up fuck in a dirty freezing cold underground public toilet in the dark. He takes it slow, holds me tight, lotsa kisses, pushes his dick in deep but doesn't move too much. I bend right down to feel it more, then up for more kisses.

I'm still not real hard. What comes next ... well I guess this makes me one real sicko. I keep reaching behind to grab his arse and pull him further into me. I love the feel of his arse. Then it strikes me, the muscles on his butt have got that slightly wasted feel that you get with some poz guys, maybe from the meds. Makes me real scared ... and instantly hard.

He's still in pig heaven gently sliding his dick in and out of my arse. I bend over again to feel it more. I slide off, turn round and suck him for a while to taste my own arse, then back onto him again. This is so hot, for all the wrong reasons.

As we make out again I'm pumping my dick. Gonna blow, gonna blow. I shoot all over the wall while he keeps fucking me. Aaahh jeez. I slowly slide off and go down on him again. He hasn't come but I'm finished. We hold each other close, one long final kiss, then I pull my shorts back up and I'm outta there.

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