Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Piss and beer

So I told you I was travelling, right? I didn't have much chance to go looking for dick but the day before I left to come home I thought I would give it one more go. Back to the gare routiere. This place is something else. It's underground, all tiled, floor is always wet, and it's dark because someone has killed all the lights, so there's just a bit of light comes down from the street light outside.

So here we are. 5am. Dark and freezing cold, and I'm in my running shorts. Down the stairs. The place stinks of beer and stale piss and cigarettes. Fuck, there's action in the corner. One guy is bent over, hands against the wall, the other guy is pumping his arse. They are cool with watching. I go closer. This is so hot.

I get down underneath the slut who is taking it. He's got a fat uncut dick and he's real hard. I wrap my lips around the head and pig out. The other guy is really banging him hard now. I put my hand through his legs for a feel. He's fucking him raw. My dick likes that. I suck some more while I pull on my dick. Slut is real hard. He has one of those velvety mediterranean dicks, lots of foreskin, tastes of piss.

Tall top is now going at it like a rabbit. Slut pushes his dick down my throat every time the top bangs him. Suddenly he pulls out, moaning, jerks himself hard and blows over the floor. He stands there panting for a minute. Then he rinses off in the sink, zips and leaves.

So it's me and the slut with his pants round his ankles. I feel him out. The guy is not that tall. But he's got a real man's body - the muscles on his gut are worker's muscles rather than gym muscles. I'm all horned up. I turn him round, squat down and bring my face close to his arse, not sure what I'll find. I burrow in. He has a hairy arse, freshly fucked, savory but not shitty. I lick him, bite him, spread his cheeks further and push my tongue into his hole. I am feeling horny as.

I guess I know what he wants. I stand up, rub my dick up and down his crack, then slide it slowly in. Awww fuck, that feels so good. Once I'm all the way in I push on his shoulders, get him to bend right down. I grab his hips and start banging him real hard. A couple of minutes of hard fucking, pelvis to pelvis. Don't want to come too fast so I slow right down and give him some slow sliding in and out. Bang him again then slow again.

I'm feeling greedy. I ask if he will stick his dick up my arse. Tu veux? he asks, not sure what he's hearing, like a kid being offered candy for breakfast. I want it alright, buddy.

I back onto him real slow. I had put a gob of gunoil up my arse before I left the hotel, so I was just on the slippery side of dry. Nice. He pushed all the way in, wrapped his arms round me and got going. Root me, man. This one I could feel. He was swivelling his hips and pushing it up into me, not just banging. Aww fuck, love it, hard, raw meat.

I want more. I pull off, get down on my knees and suck my arse juices off his dick. That with the smell of beer and piss, it's something else. Then I'm on my feet again, his dick is back in my arse. Someone else comes down the steps, comes over. Then another. Hi fellas, enjoy the show.

Now slut is banging me hard and fast. I chicken out and tell him not to come in my arse. He doesn't answer. Uh oh. Makes me hornier of course. He bangs me harder, head back, moaning loudly. Then he says something, pulls out suddenly. I've got a feeling he started to cum in me before he pulled out. I race to get down and suck in the rest of his load. Hard dick with a fat head, covered in arse juice and spunk. I stay there a couple of minutes until I can jerk a load out of myself. Whew.

We clean up and wander up the steps and out onto the street. I run all the way back up the hill to the hotel. When I get back to the room I squat to push out anything he left up my arse. No spunk, just arse juice. I'm relieved, I guess. But it's the idea of carrying his load that makes me horny the rest of the day.

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pigboy said...

hot hot piggy blog dude :))

i just came across it... and i luv how u like to get really wet, dirty n sleazy!!

kinda confusing at times... i cant really tell where the fuck u are...but nice juicy writing :p

ive got my eye on u pig!