Sunday, August 24, 2008


Weather has been real shitty so I haven't bothered with the park. Ended up at the tubs again last night. Got hit on by a young Asian guy, same one I'd had a foursome with the week before. Good body.

Just went into the maze, dropped towels and got down to it. He has a nice dick, uncut. I lick under his balls and try to turn him round to rim him. But he wants me on his dick. He's into getting deep throated. I can take him there but not for too long. Course once he's down my throat he gets pushy and rough, so before long my saliva turns to mucus.

And of course there's only one thing for it when you're sucking a hard dick and your throat gets all slimy. I stand up, turn round and bend over. Take a hit of poppers at the same time. He pushes it in raw and starts pumping. We go for a few minutes before he starts to soften. When I suck him again he hardens up fast and then turns me round to fuck me again. He's real lean so it's almost bone on bone when his pelvis bangs my arse.

Now I'm back on my knees with his dick right down my throat after a big hit of poppers. I'm short of air and he's fucking my face. I can't hold out. I blow all over the floor as I gasp for air. My knees are shaking when I try to stand. He doesn't get off but he's happy. I still don't know his name or where he's from. My guess is he's Thai. Hope I'll have him again.

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