Sunday, October 27, 2013

sloppy seconds

I arranged to meet up with Hiro mid-afternoon. When he arrived we were the only two in the club. He said he'd been in another sex club all night, hadn't hosed out or showered. I couldn't resist: I got him on his back, arse in the air, and dived in. For once his arsehole tasted like an arsehole rather than water and soap. I rimmed him out for a while then slid into him raw. It was good - his hole felt better than when he has cleaned out. 
My finger and dick were coming out clean so I told him I was going to fist him just like that, without him hosing out. I went into him real slow, first just with four fingers. When he eventually loosened up enough to take my whole fist it was quite a different feel to normal. I hadn't pushed hard to get into him and he was able to cope with me leaving it there, unlike the usual thing where after a minute he would make me take it out. I pushed a little deeper, moved around, stretched my fist. He just lay there and smiled, loving every minute. I eventually pulled out after I could feel that it was going to get a bit dirty if I stayed in him.
He returned the favour. Lately he always wants to fist me. Problem is, I can never see him as a real top, plus there's something about his technique that doesn't work for me.
After a while I took a break. While I was out having a drink another guy slipped into the cubicle and fucked him. After they had finished I went back in to see how he was. He had had a good fuck but the guy had used a condom. Hiro is like me - really wants to score a load. I offered to help. I found the used condom, turned it inside out and poured the cum into his hole, pushing the inside-out rubber in to get all the spooge into him. This was enough to make my dick harden up. I slid into him, this time with the other guy's cum as lube, and banged him hard until I unloaded inside him. It didn't take long. 
I left him there on his back, eyes closed, smiling, quietly jerking himself as two loads leaked out of his hole.

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