Sunday, October 20, 2013

Well fucked

It didn't start well.  I couldn't host and he didn't want to go to a sex club. Eventually he said I could go to his place but by then it was late and the rain was pissing down. When he met me at the station I thought maybe this wouldn't be much fun. Online he said he was all top but in the flesh he came across more as a sort of Japanese rive gauche bottom.  
It got more interesting once we were in his place and he had his pants off. He was tall and skinny and had a big dick – my favourite combination. Turned out he knew what he wanted. He was a bit of a kinkster: didn't waste much time before getting my pants off and getting his tongue deep into my hole, then into my pits. Then he was fucking my face.
Before long he had rubbered up and was sliding into my hole, starting in missionary position. He was big and stayed hard, and when he pushed in all the way it hurt. That didn't stop him. He had me on my back then doggie style then on my side. In between times he was back licking my hole or getting me to rim him or sticking his tongue down my throat.
Time for an interlude. He threw me a towel and told me to follow him into the bathroom. He had been chugging beer and Red Bull and water. Now I knew why. He had me on my knees and then hosed me down. For once I didn't drink it - flavour was a bit odd. His dick stayed half hard while he pissed on me. 
He eventually came just lying next to me and jacking himself. He wouldn't put his dick into me bb but he jerked off all over my hole then rubbered up again and pushed all his jizz into me using his dick. It was enough to tip me over the edge.
So now I'm home in bed with a sore arse and a smile on my face. I'll be back for more of that.  

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