Sunday, September 15, 2013


Had couple of weeks in Europe for a summer break. I was full of a cold for much of it, which put a dampener on things. Berlin was sweet and sour. The cyclist with the great arse and hard dick fucked me hard and raw but wouldn't cum in me (he was undetectable but…) and got nervous trying to fist me because I was tight and told him he had to push his fist in. I ended up putting a load in him. The sweet smiling deaf Croatian guy with the looks and body and of an older gigolo who kissed and stroked and rimmed and fucked me from one end of the apartment to the other and sent me home the next morning with a smile plastered all over my face…but got upset about something when we hooked up again and brought it all to an end. The Vietnamese guy with the big dick who I sucked off in the park in Friedrichshain and talked and talked about life as a refugee but wouldn't let me have his load when he came. The French top who raw fucked me in every position in the pornstar script but who was too drugged to cum and ended up taking my load up his arse. The deckhelfer from a few years ago who was going to mark me again but eventually bailed. 

In Zurich it was a bit the same. The Swiss guy with the big dick was the first in years to genuinely hurt me as he pushed up against my second ring and then hurt me again as he pushed his big fist into me … but wouldn't let me have his cum. The Belgian with a big hard dick who rabbit-fucked me in his bedroom and put a big load up my hole but got so poppered up the next morning when he tried a repeat that he couldn't cum. Hey ho. Still, no complaints. Got some action, some sunshine, some new toys, got away from the office.  


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