Friday, August 2, 2013

Raw ginge

In Sydney. Looking to get dicked. I ended up at Signal. Not many guys there and no-one really making eye contact. There's a block of five cubicles with gloryholes where I've had some hot times in the past. There was only one free, at the end, connecting through to just one other cubicle. But from what I could see the guy in there had a good body. He was getting his dick sucked through another hole. I stripped right down, left the light on and waited to see what happened.
Eventually he pulled out of the other hole, took a peek into my cubicle then fed his dick through. Big piece of meat, uncut, hard, unshaved pubes with a ginger bush. I  swallowed him down. He alternated between holding still while I slobbered all over his dick and fucking my face while I tried to hold still. I took a chance, stood up, turned round and rubbed my arse against his dick. He held still so I positioned his head against my hole and slowly backed on. Aaahhh, so good. He started moving in me, then went in harder. I hadn't realized when I chose that cubicle but it was the only one with a big square hole wide enough to fit your whole butt through it. Quite different from the normal glory hole where there's the thickness of the wall between your butt and his groin. So I pushed my butt through, braced myself and took a deep hit of poppers as he started to nail me hard. He was  deep inside. He only lasted a few minutes before he stiffened against me. He held it in there for a minute before sliding out. 
I squatted and felt around my hole. All slimy down there. I took a taste. He had put a load in me.
I got a good look at him through the hole. In his 30s, looked fit without being a gym body. I couldn't help myself: "Are you neg or poz, mate?" He looked startled, hesitated for a moment - what kind of idiot takes your load up his arse before asking if you're neg? Then: "I'm poz, undetectable". I told him I was cool with that. As he dressed and left I pushed his load out into my hand and licked it all up.  
For me a raw glory hole fuck, from a guy with a big dick who stays hard, hammers it into you and actually unloads, is one of the ultimate scenes.  Count this as one of them. 

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