Sunday, July 20, 2014

Achy achy

I'm sitting here with an aching arsehole. It's not from being fucked hard or fisted (I was fucked hard and at length by K yesterday, then fisted, but it doesn't leave me with this sort of ache). No, I seem to get this feeling when I have a load in my hole. Not sure why–something about how the lining of the arse reacts to all that spooge? Today it was Nori again. In a toilet in the park. Once we get inside he always goes straight for my nipples, works them hard. He tastes of cigarettes when he kisses me. Then he pushes me down onto his dick. He's always hard. He keeps working my nipples while I suck on him. Then reaches down my back and fingers my hole. He finally pulls me up and turns me round before sliding into me. 
It's always intense with him. Partly it's the risk–guys shuffling around outside the door. Plus he's the only guy who always fucks me raw and always cums in me. And I always feel that big mushroom head as he slides in and out. 
Today I'm extra horny. It's hot and I've just run 6km around the park, I'm still sweating like crazy as he fucks me. I pull off him, turn and suck him for a bit to taste my arse on his dick. Then slide back onto him. Something sets me off: he's shorter than me but the combination of him dicking me and twisting my nipple and then biting my neck sends me over the edge before I wanted to cum. Before I know it I'm blowing my load all over the tiles. He's not ready. I have a few painful minutes as he carries on dicking me before he finally unloads inside me.
Now I'm back home with that ache in my hole to remind me. 

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