Sunday, August 16, 2009


Rainy Sunday so ... headed down to the sauna. The place was buzzing. Lots of hot wogs and celts along with the rest. Took a while to find what I needed. I got hit on by a young indian guy who wanted to fuck me, wore a rubber, didn't do much for me. In one of the darkrooms I groped a skinny guy with long hair and a big dick. I backed onto his dick raw, he started pushing up into me, grinding his pelvis up into my arse. I said let's go to a cubicle. In the dark I thought I was being fucked by a skinny teenager. Turned out he was an older guy, not much flesh on him, the sort of body you can get from being a heavy smoker or poz. He said he didn't know if he was poz. We fucked anyway, I just told him not to come in me. He was a great fuck, not a bam-bam type, more into pushing in deep and hard, moving his dick around. And sometimes just sliding the head slowly in and out, which I love when it's raw and my arselips are getting sensitive. I eventually told him I needed a break.

When I went back into the same darkroom later it was empty, until a tall wogboy wandered in. He was hot. Not a gym body but main thing was he had a huge dick, uncut with loose skin and foreskin. I got on my knees, started blowing him. He wasn't sure how hard to go. Rough as you like, I said to him. He reached down and slapped me hard, again and again, on both arse cheeks as he forced his dick down my throat.

It was game on. We moved to the bench. He was slapping me round. He asked what I wanted/needed. I said I wanted to get fucked. Raw or safe? I said I took it raw, but I was neg, didn't want to take poz loads. His response was that guys who said that always ended up taking loads anyway. He sat on the edge of the bench, pulled me back and down onto him. I yelled - he was hard as well as long. He bit my neck and kept going.

The hour or so after that is a bit of a blur. The guy was rough, kept trashtalking me, really got off on forcing his dick down my throat. Initially he was hitting my gag reflex immediately. After a while I got more used to it, plus my throat got more slimy, so I could take him all the way and let him deep fuck my throat. He was getting his kicks out of whoring me out. He had me kneeling on the edge of the bench, arse facing out, and he kept lining up new guys to fuck me. I don't know how many dicks I took: certainly half a dozen, maybe more. Some were wrapped, some boring. Others were raw. Wogboy kept the show going: for much of the time he was sitting on my back to hold me down and force my legs apart (this morning I feel like a horseman must feel after a long day in the saddle!) He kept up the trash talk. For light relief he and another guy practised their CBT technique on me - my balls don't respond well to being smacked so I was yelling like crazy.

Late in the session there was a bit of a pause, wogboy and I made out for a while. I told him the last time I had a fuck like that was the Italian in the gare routiere. Then he lined up another guy out of the crowd behind us. He sat on my back again and lined up the guy's dick with my arse. Faaarck! This guy was big, hard and he fucked like a jackhammer. He went at it for a while, pulled out and jacked himself, put it back in again. I felt underneath, he was in me raw. I wondered if he had been jacking himself so he could unload in me. I asked my pimp if the guy had left a load in there. he didn't know. Do you want a load he said? I just licked his shoulder.

Wogboy decided to have another go himself. He jacked himself, stood behind me, shoved it in in one thrust and banged me hard for a few minutes. Felt to me as if he was planning to cum in me. My head was a mix of excitement and fatalism - the whole scene was a huge buzz, and I guess from the moment I decided to stay and play with wogboy after he told me I was going to take his poz load I had basically decided I would take what I was given.

Wogboy pulled out. I didn't know if he had come. There was a bit more chat with a big guy behind him. Change of play. Wogboy agreed to take a fuck himself. He knelt beside me, arse in the air. The stud pushed into him. Wogboy turned his face to me, we started making out, in between him moaning and yelling as the stud hammered his arse. I reached behind, pulled another raw dick against my arse. Wogboy and I were both taking it rough and fast.

Before I staggered out I chatted again to wogboy. He said something about not having unloaded in me. I don't know if that meant he hadn't been able to cum (wouldn't be surprising - in those scenes a lot of guys don't seem to get off) or had decided not to poz me. I think maybe it was the latter. As far as I know I didn't end up with a load in me in spite of the number of raw dicks I took over a couple of hours. But for sheer whoreiness I can't think of anything to compare it with since fickstutenmarkt.

I have a few more stories to tell, including lots of raw dick from nude night at the club on friday. I'll save those for another post.

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Mikey said...

I mentioned this episode on another site without the bit about wogboy's status. Got a sharp reaction: one guy commented that wogboy was a legend at that particular sauna but was supposed to have given up unsafe sex since he was diagnosed. I went back to point out that wogboy had been straight with me about his status.