Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yeah, I went back for more. Ended up at the sauna again yesterday afternoon. It was real quiet, nothing like Sunday, mostly older guys. But there was a bit of action in the steam room. I ended up in a threesome there. I was sucking off one guy, 40ish, with a fat dick, while he worked my tits. Another guy came over and joined us. He was also kinda interesting. A bit shorter than me, maybe late 30s. He squatted down behind me, playing with my dick and my chest. But his fingers kept roaming under my balls and down to my arse. Then he slipped a finger up inside me. I reached behind: he had a nice piece of meat, long, fat and hard. I stood up, keeping my mouth on the first guy's dick, and swiveled my arse round towards the newcomer.

He moved behind me and humped my crack. I reached behind for his dick and aimed it at my hole, using one hand to take a hit of poppers. He nudged the head in, then pushed in another inch. I was sucking on the first guy, who had a serious hard on and was playing with my nipples.

I was now in the middle of a sandwich with a fat juicy dick in my mouth and another fat raw dick in my arse. Both guys were really getting into it. I got to work, sucking hard, fast and deep. The guy behind me was moving in and out of me steadily. What made the sensation really intense was that he hadn't tried to put any lube into me - all I had was the remains of the gunoil I had used earlier in the afternoon to slick myself up.

The pace quickened. The guy I was blowing was moaning and then gasping. I was making a fair amount of noise myself. The guy behind me was right into it, banging me hard and fast. I felt the dick in my mouth swell up. Going by the action behind me the other guy was set to blow too. I was jerking myself. We all came simultaneously. I felt the guy in my arse jerk several times. I pulled off him while he was still going - I remember thinking I hadn't even asked him if he was neg or poz. We all laughed then staggered out.

I ended up in the shower with the guy who had fucked me. He was a bit shorter than me, muscly body with a bit of a gut, a collection of straight-guy tattoos, dark hair and stubble. His dick was still hard as he stood there soaping himself. Later I saw him leaving: he was wearing the sort of shirt that wives in the suburbs buy for their husbands. He talked that way too.

So there you have it. It was hot - quick animal sex. It was also a bit frightening: not just the fact that I took his load without establishing that he was neg but the fact I'm now starting to make a habit of it.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I know. One always goes back for more, nomatter It's funny, some of my best jerk-off fodder comes from the times when I wanted sooo badly to take a guys load in my hole, when a guy begged me to let him "whitewash" my hole—like time stopped at that moment—and i said no. I always wonder what if I said yes. But then the first time I said, "Sure, dump it on in," is equally exciting to this day. Savor the moments of both resistance and acceptance.