Friday, June 19, 2009


A while back I had a couple of nights in Washington which I haven't told you about.

First there was the park which was listed on squirt and cruising for sex. When I got there it was around closing time. I read about needing to look out for cops but the guys there didn't seem too concerned. Almost all of them were black guys. There was a few of them hanging around in front of a statue. One guy was just standing there with his pants down around his knees while another guy was sliding his raw dick up his arse. Funny was that the slut kept standing straight up rather than bending forward like you normally do if you are getting fucked. I was sitting on park bench behind them, watching. So another guy comes over to me. He gets me to suck on his dick then goes over and pushes into the slut's arse then comes back for me to blow him again. His dick was tasty but not shitty. After half an hour things got quiet plus it felt as if the guys there were mostly into other black or latino types.

I headed down to men's party which I'd never been to before. It was naked night. There wasn't a lot of talent to choose from. In one of the cubicles in the basement there was one guy on his belly, legs wide, exposing his shaved arsehole. I rimmed him for a few minutes, which made my dick hard. Then I slid my dick into him raw and fucked him for a while. He had a nice hole and a hot body but I didn't want to come right at the start of the evening so I left him and walked around.

When I came back down half an hour later there was a younger guy in glasses fucking the same slut. He didn't have a rubber on. I talked to the young guy. He said he was Irish. He pulled out so I could suck on his dick. Then he fucked me for a few minutes. Whatever he did he didn't show a lot of enthusiasm, as if he was tranquilised or something. He pulled out and then fucked the other slut but again without any sign of real interest or excitment.

Eventually I left him to it. Upstairs there was a black guy in a chair. Not pretty but kind of hot. He was happy for me to suck him. He kept growing. Eventually I was chewing on a real XL sized dick. I asked if I could sit on it. Sure. I hopped up on the chair facing him, slowly slid down onto his dick and moved up and down on it. I bounced on his raw dick for a few minutes. He was real big but I wasn't getting much sensation. I slid off and sucked him for a while to harden him up, then turned around with my back to him and slid back down onto his dick. This time I could really feel him in my arse. A few minutes of that and I blew a load all over the floor. I pulled off, turned round and sucked him till he gave me a mouthful.

I went back the following night. One guy with a mustache gave me the eye as I walked in. I liked the look of him. I walked around for a few minutes to see what was there. I ran into mustache in one of the corridors. I groped him and he followed me into a back room. We made out for a while then I dropped my pants and told him to get down there and suck me. He was a good slutty cocksucker and got me good and hard. I liked the feel of his mustache. I bent him over the bunk, pulled down his pants, squatted down and started eating him out. He had a good hairy arse, tasty but not raunchy. He said I could basically do anything I wanted with his arse. I took it he meant he was poz and took loads. I said let's go to a cubicle but before that I slid my dick into his hole just to test the goods. It felt real good so I kept it there. He may have been a slut but he had a tight, really fuckable arsehole.

I worked on his tits. He liked it rough. I worked him over for a while then made him get up on the bunk, hauled his pants off and fucked him doggy style. The feeling of his arse on my raw dick was making me real horny. I pushed myself up higher and starting banging my dick down into him from above. The slut loved it. There were other guys round us pulling their dicks while they watched.

I pulled out and got back down on the floor. His arse was now quite open and slick. i stuck a couple of fingers in then two more. He was opening up further. I tried to get all my fingers and thumb in there. He was moaning but didn't stop me. I opened him up a long way before he stopped me. Too dry I guess. I stand him against the bunk and slide my dick back into him and banged him real hard for a few minutes.

Eventually he got down on the floor and started blowing me. He wanted my load. I explained I was mostly bottom and wanted to get my arse fucked even though his arse was making me really horny. He decided to call it a night, though only after we made out again.

Downstairs there was a 50ish guy in a cubicle. Nice body but he was a bit out of it. He had a nice little hole, tight, with a bit of hair around it. I fucked him a bit. He wanted me to keep going till I could give him a load. I decided to keep moving. I still wanted to get my arse fucked.

I ended up in a sort of orgy room - the end of a dead-end corridor with a dozen guys crammed inside. A tall guy with a little gut feels me up, pulls his dick out of his briefs and slaps it against my arse. He complains about not having any lube but eventually gets it inside me just with spit, which is what I want. He has a fat uncut dick. He pumps away as I lean over the bunk. He was a hot fuck, especially when he wrapped his arms round my chest and gave me a bear hug. After a few hits of poppers I was really into it and would have taken his load if he had kept going. But the rough fuck plus the crowd was making me excited. I couldn't hold off. I blew my load on the floor while he held me tight. He kept cuddling me and making out while I came down from the orgasm. He said he was from Russia.

I guess that's a lot of risk for a couple of nights. The guy with the mustache was hot but he must have been poz. Same for the slut I fucked on the first night and the black guy whose dick I sat on and the Russian who barebacked me. Haven't heard back from the doctor so I figure the test was negative though theoretically I'm still inside the window. I guess the fact I didn't take any loads makes the risk lower though any random barebacking in a town like Washington is kinda like russian roulette. All a bit chilling if I think rationally about it.

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