Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sunday was a stunner of a day - cool, but clear blue sky. I went out for a run, then headed up the hill to see if there was action. There was a wonderful scent in the air up there from the flowering broom.

There wasn't much else. I stumbled on a couple of older guys playing with the young guy with the trailbike who likes to have other guys jerk his dick while he looks at girlie porn magazines. There was another old guy who has a huge dick but, as I found out a few weeks ago, really just wants to turn over and take raw dick up his shaved arse. No, I wanted something else.

I spotted a younger guy there, 20s, curly hair, specs, bit of a beard. He showed no sign of interest when I walked past him. I headed back along the trail and then lay down in the sun under a pine tree. A little while later I heard someone else coming down toward the tree. It was curly. He stopped, looking down at me from a little way up the hill. I figured he was looking for a come-on. I dropped my shorts and started jacking myself. No reaction, but he kept looking. I took a hit of poppers, kept jacking, then took off my shirt. No reaction. I licked a finger, turned round, bent over, pushed it up my arse, played with myself. Curly stood there with his hands in his pockets, watching.

This went on for 10 minutes. I don't really get my kicks out of putting on a show for other guys but curly was sexy in a nerdy kind of way, and I wanted to get my rocks off. I went up to the tree and beckoned him down. He came down straightaway - maybe I should have done that at the start! I reached under his shirt for his nipples. I groped his dick; he had a semi. Told him to give me his dick. He unzipped and pulled it out. He hardened up real fast. He had a nice piece. And being a redhead he smelt extra good.

I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. I pushed the head of his deck down to the back of my mouth, then down into my throat. His dick got longer and harder as I worked on him. I asked if he wanted to slide it up my arse. Nope. It soon became clear why: as I went down on him again I felt the head of his dick swell. He pulled out of my mouth and started spurting. I got a bit of a taste but that was all. He wiped, zipped up and headed back up the track as I gathered up my gear and started dressing. All kinda kinky and fun but didn't give me the fuck I was looking for. Pity: a long hard raw youngman dick up my arse would have made for a perfect end to the day.

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