Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was a misty afternoon but there were a few guys up the hill. The guy with the goatee and the PA was mainly into the twink with the chihuahua but after the twink blew his load he was happy for me to blow him. He had a nice piece, average size but with a fat head and real hard. Trouble was his PA was making me gag when I tried to deep throat him. He eventually zipped up and moved away. I wasn't much interested in the others until a couple of French guys turned up. They were tourists, had somehow heard about the beat but didn't know much about the rest of the town. I filled them in. I would have been happy to go off with the black guy from Paris. He was friendly but he was looking for something else. The guy with the PA showed up again and soon enough hooked up with the black guy. I left them to it.

I had a feed and a nap and then headed out to the club. I wanted some dick. There was a black guy with an extra large dick who was fucking all comers, but only for a coupla minutes at a time, without coming. I took my turn. A southern boy hit on me: he had been drinking, was in a bottom mood, wanted to be used. Well I'm game for most things. I worked his nipples which were definitely wired to his dick. I worked him hard, went further than he wanted and then some. I gave him my spit. I ate his arse. I fucked his face. He didn't want my dick up his arse. All kinda fun, went on for nearly an hour till he blew his load. But it was a bit one-way for me. I saved my load.

I ended up making out with a guy who said he was from Argentina. He was in his 40s, in nice shape. Big kisser, hairy chest, beard. I went down on him. He had a nice piece, long, uncut. I took him to the back of my throat then down further, got his dick all nice and slobbery. But I wanted him in my arse. He was happy to oblige. We were in an open cubicle with a chair. I bent over the chair and held on as he slid in, raw, then started moving inside me. I alternated between bending over so he could go deep and standing up so he could wrap his arms around me and pull my head round so we could make out.

Several times I pulled off and knelt down to suck my arse juices off his dick and then stick my tongue down his throat. He was into that. At times he moved slowly inside me, others he banged me hard.

After half an hour of this his long dick was stirring up my insides a bit more than I had bargained on: I had hosed out earlier but not quite thoroughly enough. I blew my load as he banged me hard for another minute then he headed over to clean up. Not quite the ending I had had in mind but I wandered home feeling well worked over.

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