Thursday, March 2, 2017

Living dangerously

Someone up there is trying to tell me something. I went in for routine tests last week. The clinic called to say the HIV test had come back equivocal – again! I figured this time my number was up, though after last time it was also in the back of my mind that this could be a pattern...
Monday night I was still waiting for the follow-up test results to come back. But somehow I couldn't get too wound up about it all. In the end I decided what I needed was some slutty sex. I didn't have much luck: I headed out to the tubs but there weren't many guys around. A young bear showed interest. We eyed each other up in the pool and then headed off to a shower cubicle. He was super sensitive everywhere: whimpered when I played with his nipples, nibbled his jaw and neck, and especially when I stuck my tongue up his hole. And did I mention he had a big hard uncut dick? We played for a while. He tried to get his dick into my hole but then seemed to decide against fucking me raw. He couldn't get enough of me rimming him – he ended up coming while I had my tongue up his arse, pushing his dick back so I could get a taste of his jazz.
Then there was an odd triangle. I joined a couple of guys who were playing around on a mattress in one of the public rooms. The guy on top didn't object when I spread his butt open and started licking. He didn't object when I slapped my dick on his arse and then slid it in. I fucked him for a few minutes, from behind and then pushing down into him from on top. But then he decided he'd had enough and bailed out.
Later I watched from the other side of the room as he was getting fucked by a younger guy, lean and sexy. They finished but I couldn't tell what had happened. I got chatting to the younger guy later and asked if he wanted to fuck me. Turned out he'd had trouble keeping hard with the other guy, and he couldn't get hard enough even to get it into me. So that was my evening.
Last night I rendezvoused with my slutty sub mate. I slapped him around a bit to wake him up, rough fucked him up against the wall and then on the floor. But couldn't cum. After a break he wanted to fist me – he's got into it over the past year. It was nude night at the club though we were the only two there at the start. Part way through another guy came in. He was hot: younger, lean, sweet face. For a few minutes he watched from the door while T was working my hole with a dildo and then his fist. Later when we took another break we got chatting. Turned out what he really wanted to see was me fisting T! Being a good-natured guy I could hardly refuse. This time we used the sling room and turned the lights up while hot stuff watched from the door and jerked himself. He'd never seen live fisting up close. 
Oh and the clinic finally got back to me yesterday morning... viral load was negative again. I need to talk to the doc: something about cross-reactions. Either way I'm keen not to get more false positives. 

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