Saturday, June 21, 2014

I wanna fuck you

He's a young guy  I've hooked up with a few times. He's short, skinny. Urchin face. Tastes of cigarettes. 
He's all top. Fat dick with a big mushroom head. Loves to fuck me raw and put a load in me. And we always hook up in a park toilet. He messaged me last night:

Nori: I wanna fuck you
Me: I could do tomorrow morning
Nori: Let's do it. What time is good?
Me: 1030 at the park.
Nori: OK see you then
Me: Don't shower :@)

It's after 1030 but the rain is pissing down so I've messaged him to say let's wait till the rain stops. 
I haven't got fucked for a week. And haven't had a load in me for a long time. 
Nori is a nasty fucker. Rims my hole first. Kisses me so I can taste my arse on his lips. Works my nipples hard as he slowly slides in and out. Makes me feel his big mushroom head as he moves it round. 
And he gives me a hole full of cum that I can shit out and eat later.