Monday, April 7, 2014

Ho hum

Furry guy has gone quiet on me. I messaged him a few times but each time he said he was working. We'll see if he resurfaces. I enjoyed him: it's not easy to find a top with a big hard dick who just pushes in and bangs you hard. And then does much the same thing with his fist. And for a bonus he had a lean and hairy body and a great face hidden behind the bad hair and the glasses. 
Meantime I've got K to keep me happy. I overnighted at his place at the weekend. For the time being he seems to have stopped worrying about getting addicted to kinky sex. He pissed inside me again on Saturday. He gets a kick out of it the way a 10-year old boy gets a buzz out of doing something verboten. But mostly it's the usual basics. Sucking each other, him fucking me, rimming me, sucking my pits, demanding my spit. And then sliding his fist into me. 
K now routinely pushes his dick into me raw, especially at the start when he's been licking my hole. Getting spit fucked raw when he's just opening me up hurts like fuck initially but it's a huge turn-on and feels much better than when he rubbers up and slathers lube all over my hole. On Sunday morning he work me up as he pushed his raw dick into my arse. After some more sleep I finally got off a few hours later just sitting down on his dick and fucking myself up and down on it. He didn't come this time so I still haven't got a load of his cum in my hole. I haven't been getting fucked by anyone else, and certainly not bareback, so maybe he's decided he can live with a certain amount of risk.
Best of all – I guess this means I'm getting old and soft – is just lying there holding each other and kissing. Sunday morning when it was time to go he didn't want to let go. I think he's looking for something more than a fuck bud.

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