Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here

And I'm a happy little piggy. I have two hard, hung tops who are rough fuckers and also like to fist. They're both busy this weekend but normally one or the other is up for some action.
I haven't told you before about Furry Guy. Most Japanese have hair in their pits and their pubes but not much more. Furry guy has hair everywhere, including his arse. Sadly he's not into sweaty pits or getting rimmed, which is a waste. He makes up for it elsewhere. He's not as long as K-boy but he's thick and always hard. And he's very athletic in the way he uses his dick. He especially likes pistoning down into me from above. 
We last hooked up a couple of weeks ago. He's a quiet type, hides behind a lot of hair and big glasses. With the pants and the glasses off he's lean, hot and sexy, with a little furry butt and great lips. He says he hasn't fisted many guys but he seems a natural, knows his way in and what he wants once he gets in. The first time he fisted me I found I could only take it for a few minutes – whatever he was doing, it was so intense I had to get him to pull out. This time I was determined to find a way to take it. I lasted a lot longer but I still don't have the loose hole I need to take what he wanted to give me. I'll persevere. 
Meanwhile things have got interesting with K-boy. Last weekend started the usual way: he wants to taste my pits (I don't shower for a day beforehand) and my pants to get himself horned up. Then he pushed me onto the bed and stuck his tongue down my throat. He wants my spit so I give it to him. This time when he's ready to fuck me he just pushes straight into my hole, no rubber. He's a sweet guy but he's merciless when he's inside me. The last half inch still hurts like fuck, and he doesn't hold back. 
After fucking me every which way he gets back face to face,  pushes his dick back inside me and sticks his tongue down my throat. Can you feel that, he asks me. I can't, but then he smirks and I realise he's pulling his old trick. He's pissed in my hole. He makes a pig of himself there for the next half an hour: fucking me and fingering me while I have a load of his piss inside me, rimming me, kissing me. He delights in the sheer naughtiness of it. I complain that no guy has ever done this to me before. He says I'm the only guy he's ever done it with, blames me for starting it. Totally not true. Eventually I end up squatting over him and sliding down onto his dick, still raw. It's a strange but sexy sensation when a trickle of piss leaks while I'm riding him. At the end I sit on his face so he can take a lick but I'm still holding in whatever is left inside.
We take a pause for a drink. He gets serious. He's worrying again that he's getting so hooked on this kinky stuff that he will lose interest in vanilla sex with other guys. When we first had that conversation I thought he was talking about the barebacking. That's still an issue, though this time he spent more time in me raw than with a rubber. I tell him I haven't barebacked since I got back from my trip, that I don't intend to, but that I will tell him if it happens. He takes this on board. I've never made that sort of commitment to another guy before.
I hadn't planned this but I say more. If he's really worried about getting hooked on the kinky stuff we should go back to vanilla, or just stop having sex. I like him, I say, and I'd like to keep seeing him regardless, even if it means we're going out for a drink or a movie but not fucking. 
K is quiet and thoughtful. We just hold each other. I like that, just wrapping ourselves around each other, enjoying the moment.  
So we'll see where it goes. Apart from the fact we have great sex I just really like being with him, though we haven't spent much time together outside the bedroom. 

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