Thursday, March 20, 2014

Old times again

Last month I had a week back home. I was busy with work and friends but I had one night with Jamie. We started about 1am after he finished work. To get in the mood he started on the bottle of rum I had brought in from the duty-free. He fucked me for a while but didn't come. He was more interested in getting his fist into my hole – he hasn't been able to find anyone else to fist since I left. He's got a big hand but got into me on the first go in only a few minutes. I guess I was hungry for it too.
After a bit of a break he went in again. I was more relaxed the second time round plus I was feeling piggy, seeing him after nearly a year away. I told him to go for it. We took our time but he slowly pushed in, deeper than he's been in me before. It was kinda special: he's not normally a kisser but that changes when he's drunk. So there we were, his arm in me halfway to the elbow, and he was resting on top of me with his tongue down my throat. All slow and easy but raunchy at the same time.  It was one of those times when all is good with the world.
When he's drunk Jamie also gets real chatty and funny. It was one of those nights. I don't remember much more except that at the end, when I knew I had to go, I got greedy. My arse was sore from having him inside me earlier but I wanted more. I told him to try to get back in there and just wreck my hole. He took a bit of persuading – he's very careful when he's got a few drinks in him  – but then he got that kid-in-a-toyshop look in his eye, lubed up and got down to it. I've never loosened up to the point where he could punch fist me but he got close, before I eventually had to call a halt. Afterwards he just lay there staring at my hole in disbelief – he can't believe he got this lucky – fingering me and telling me to keep pushing out. I dragged myself back to the hotel just before dawn.

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